BUS705 Innovation and Management Decision-Making Assessment and Tutor Proposal

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Innovation and Management Decision-Making

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BUS705|Business Management

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BUS705 Innovation and Management Decision-Making

Innovation Report



The purpose of this task is to propose a leading edge, strategic innovation solution to address a corporate challenge in the area of corporate social responsibility or sustainability or a challenge in your industry by renewing a firm’s current approach.

To write this report, follow the process (based on the strategic innovation model) outlined below:

  • Choose and outline one company related innovation challenge (based on Week 8’s material) pertaining to:
    • A corporate social responsibility challenge or problem OR
    • A sustainability challenge or problem OR
    • An industry challenge or problem
  • Creatively propose a leading edge strategic innovation solution, by using creative idea generation techniques (use appendices to evidence the process) and by drawing on appropriate sources of ideas.
  • Accurately and relevantly apply the strategic innovation model to outline how you would implement the strategic innovation solution including outlining:
    • The innovation action plan, taking into account the company’s current approach, change requirements, target market for the innovation and enhancing customer-perceived value.
    • The leadership needed and culture that would support the implementation.
    • Theinnovation implementation with the appropriate process, structure, systems and innovation team (people).

To summarise, you will write a report that proposes an innovative solution to address a CSR, sustainability or other challenge in your industry as well as how the solution will be implemented. This report will need to explain the challenge and solution, use the strategic innovation model, provide an action plan, discuss the leadership that will be required for the solution and how the solution will be implemented.

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TUTOR PROPOSAL FOR : BUS705|Innovation and Management Decision-Making

BUS705 Innovation and Management Decision-Making