BUSN20017 Effective Business Communications Assessment and Tutor Proposal

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Effective Business Communications

Assessment No: 2

BUSN20017|Business Communications

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BUSN20017  Effective Business Communications

BUSN20017 Effective Business Communications


All students MUST be in a Group. Check on the News Forum on the BUSN20017 unit website to find your group members.

Each student in the Group must select 1 communication mode from the diagram below. No two students in the same group can have the same communication mode.

The Group must select one industry where each group member’s communication mode is relevant. That Industry will be used in the Individual Report by each group member and again in the Group Presentation

Section 1 – Individual Report

Upload your own report on Moodle

Complete the following:

  1. An overview of academic literature relating to communication practices/styles/recent research about business communication in Australia. The research in your academic literature should be no more than 5 years old.
  2. Give recommendations for the most appropriate use of the communication mode you have chosen in the industry nominated, then justify your choice, backing it up with references to the relevant academic literature.


As you are writing a report, you can use headings, subheadings and numbers.

Your report must follow this format:

  1. Cover or title page including student name and ID, campus, name of Lecturer/tutor and group number.
  2. Executive Summary maximum of 1 page
  3. Table of Contents using numbered headings and sub-headings
  4. Introduction (Include information on the following 5 key points. Your word count starts from here)
    • Attention getting statement
    • Statement of Ethos
    • Statement of Exigence
    • Thesis
    • Introduction for your communication mode
  5. Body
    • Literature review
    • Recommendations for your communication mode in the industry selected by the group.
  6. Conclusion (Include information on the following 3 points):
    • Summary of key Information (no new information)
    • Restate the thesis
    • Capstone statement

    Your word count stops here.

  7. References Your report needs to give 5 references – APA style of referencing

    Section 2 - Recorded Group Presentation- 45% of total mark

    You must work as a Group in the preparation and the delivery of your presentation.

    The Group must use the same industry as given in Section 1 Individual Report of the assessment.

    The group must use the Research from all of the reports from Section 1 for the presentation (no new research is required).

    The recording of the presentation must include PowerPoints slides and a 'live' image of each of the speakers for the entire presentation.

    The group needs to prepare PowerPoint slides (12-15 slides max).

    The recording will be done using Zoom – instructions on using Zoom will be given in the Tutorial for SYD students on January 23 plus you will find information on the home page for the Academic Learning Centre.

    Group Presentation length – maximum of 15 minutes – 3 minutes per speaker plus the Introduction and Conclusion.

    The last slide must show the 15 references for the group (the 5 references that each group member used in Section 1).

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BUSN20017  Effective Business Communications