CIS 4011-N Computer information Systems Project Proposal Poster Part 2 Project Proposal Poster

CIS 4011-N Computer information Systems

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CIS 4011-N Computer information Systems Project Proposal Poster

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CIS 4011-N|Computer information Systems

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CIS 4011-N Computer information Systems Project Proposal Poster Part 2 Project Proposal Poster


Project Proposal Poster: CIS 4011-N Computer information Systems

Create a research proposal poster which will form the basis of your masters project. Your proposal should mostly draw upon the papers that you found in Part 1 (but you can include additional references). It should contain the following bulleted lists covering the aspects below:

Research purpose


Introduce and explain the research’s purpose, including a single overall research question that will be addressed by the research. You must also define the anticipated product(s) i.e. the anticipated contribution to knowledge.

Background context.


Previous academic research in your topic area, and how your project will relate to that previous work. The majority of your cited references in this section should be to the papers that you found in Part 1 of this ICA.

Research methodology.


Intended research methodology by which you will address and answer your research question. The research methodology should consist of one or more research strategies, one or more data generation methods and, if appropriate, your intended data analysis techniques.

Evaluation methodology.


Justify how you plan to evaluate your end product(s) or contribution to knowledge. Note that masters projects are expected to include third party evaluation of the end product if at all possible.

Schedule and publishing.


Explain the set of tasks, the timescale for each task and hence the timescale for the overall research which captures your schedule visually. Allow 13 weeks from ‘project start’ to ‘hand-in of all project work’ (you need not include the presentation & viva, which normally come after the hand-in). Also identify the academic journal or conference for which you will prepare your project’s final research paper.

Professional, legal and ethical issues.


professional, legal and ethical issues that your proposal raises, and how they will be addressed. This includes identifying which level of ethical clearance will be required from the School’s Research Ethics Committee.

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