CMI3509 Research Assignment Databases for Large Data Sets Assessment and Tutor Proposal

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CMI3509 Research Assignment Databases for Large Data Sets

Assessment No: 1

CMI3509|Databases for Large Data Sets

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CMI3509 Research Assignment Databases for Large Data Sets

CMI3509 Research Assignment


Assessment Brief

The module will introduce you to at least seven current commercial database systems. These include both relational and “NoSQL” databases. In this assignment you will explore three of these in detail.

Research three current database products (DBMSs). One should be based on the relational model, and two should use different genres of NoSQL model. Thus, you will have three different genres in total.

For each of the three systems devise a real-world relevant case study where this DBMS would find an application. The case study should be a systems development project following a real-world example where large amounts of data would be involved. You should explain clearly why the specific DBMS would be the best fit in this situation and, in the case of a NoSQL solution, why a DBMS based on the relational model would not be the best choice.

You may base your report on any DBMS that is available to you (if in doubt, consult the module tutor). You do not need to have a working installation of any DBMS (although it might help you explore the system), and there is no need to develop any implementation of your case study.

Note that the word limit is tight. There is no need to describe the history or other background of any of the DBMSs; you should focus on their applications and specifically the case studies.

Assessment Criterion Weighting %
Analysis of Data Models 30
Appropriateness of Case Studies 30
Research 25
Presentation 15

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