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Assessment No: 2

CO7216|Semantic Web

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CO7216 Semantic Web Information Technology

Coursework 2



  • You have to use the same domain and the same competency questions as in coursework 1
  • Please make sure that you understand “what is expected” in this assignment, well before the deadline.
  • Use the pom.xml provided on Blackboard to download the dependencies for


Question 1

Give two examples of the class or property constraint that you were not able to implement in Coursework 1 due to the limited expressiveness of RDF schema; briefly explain how you intend to achieve them using OWL.

SPARQL queries


Question 2

Create and populate an OWL ontology in your chosen domain. You may import the RDF Schema into an OWL 2 project, or create a new OWL 2 project from scratch. The OWL ontology you created should contain at least twenty DataTypeProperties, and at least twenty ObjectProperties. It must contain:

2.1 Classes
  • Four or more OWL subclass restrictions (use owl:Restriction).
  • At least two property restrictions (use owl:Restriction) each on the domain and range.
  • At least one class defined using owl:intersectionOf
  • At least one class defined using owl:unionOf
  • At least three cardinality restrictions (exact, min and max)
  • At least one value restriction
  • At least two existential restrictions
  • At least two universal restrictions

For each of the requirements above (1-7), indicate where they are defined in the OWL project /p>

2.2. Properties
  • At least two Symmetric Properties
  • At least two Transitive Properties
  • At least two Functional Properties
  • At least two Inverse Functional Properties
  • One Reflexive and one Irreflexive Property
2.3 Instances

Populate the ontology with instances to demonstrate the classes and properties defined in

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CO7216 Semantic Web Information Technology