COIT20248 Information Systems Analysis & Design Assessment and Tutor Proposal


Group assignment

Assessment No: 2

COIT20248|Information Systems Analysis & Design

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COIT20248 Information Systems Analysis & Design

COIT20248|Information Systems Analysis & Design | Assignment 2


Assignment 2 is a group assignment (a maximum of four students in a group). Note that a group cannot consist of members from “different” tutorial sessions. Your course knowledge gained about how to model the systems requirements in both the traditional systems analysis and object-oriented approaches will be assessed through the tasks in this assignment. You need to submit a design of a website. You are to complete the following tasks in the order given based on the case study (Repair-Made-Easy (RME)) provided to you on Moodle:

  • Identify all critical use cases.
  • Draw the context diagram.
  • Draw the level-0 data flow diagram (DFD) depicting all the business processes.
  • Draw the entity-relationship diagram (ERD) showing all required entities and their relationships.
  • Identify all the required data elements you will need for your data entities in (4) above.
  • Draw the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) diagram.
  • Develop a prototype of website design and architecture you have developed.
  • Give details of individual group member contribution towards the development of the project.

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COIT20248|Information Systems Analysis & Design | Assignment 2