CQU COIT20268 Responsive Web Design Written Assessment No 2

London metropolitan university

Website CW deliverable 2020

Assessment No: 2

SM5015|Website CW deliverable 2020

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CQU COIT20268 Responsive Web Design Written

Identify and elaborate the main feature or features and positive and negative aspects of the website


Select and undertake an in-depth evaluation of the following website: Website: https://www.awm.gov.au/ Upon the completion of the task, you are to provide a formal report documenting your critical evaluation of the website. The review is to be carried out within the context of responsive web design (RWD) and development principles. The report should draw particular attention to the interactive aspects and design aspects relating to responsiveness of the overall website. Support your critique with appropriate RWD principles.

What to Review

The purpose of the report is to provide a critical evaluation of the nominated website and to support your observations and comments convincingly. The nominated website should be reviewed using Google Chrome’s device simulator. For the purpose and intention of this assessment, use only the device simulator for your reviews. This is to ensure that all students have access to consistent and identical review tools.

Your review of the nominated website must be thorough and sufficiently comprehensive to include 5 different screen displays. The recommended settings are as follows. Students are free to select the different simulated device (in the Chrome device simulator) they would like to use for the reviews.

  • Large Display

    Generic notebook or desktop with display greater than 1280x768 pixels.
  • Medium Display

    Any mobile device with display approximately 480x640 to 700x960 pixels, in both landscape and portrait orientation.
  • Tiny display

    Any mobile device with display approximately 200x320 to 400x640 pixels, in both landscape and portrait orientation.

What to Include

Your report should include:

  • Clearly identify the nominated website. Provide an overview and description of the nominated website.
  • Identify and elaborate the main feature or features of the website.
  • Identify the positive and negative aspects of the website. Draw particular attention to the interaction and usability aspects of the interface.
  • Invite two other persons to review the nominated website. All reviewers should use identical device settings. These participants can be your friends, family members or classmates etc. Provide the background (i.e. age, gender, profession) of the participants. Do their views differ from yours’? State why or why not.
  • Based upon your critique and observation in items (1) to (4) of the above, provide a recommendation on how the website should be improved. Conversely, if it does not require further improvement, then provide the reason why that this is the case.
  • text on red background is a poor colour combination’ ) must be supported by references or critical observation. You can cite additional scholarly references other than the textbook. (Note: Do not use Wikipedia as a source of reference).
  • Comment on the tools (i.e. Chrome device simulator) you used for the review. Elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of such a tool. Search and briefly comment on similar tools available for testing and reviewing RWD web pages.
  • Figures or diagrams can be added as needed.

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TUTOR PROPOSAL FOR : SM5015|Website CW deliverable 2020

The report is about the Australian War Memorial website (AWM) which was established to honor the Australian soldiers which died to serve their nation against the wars or conflicts. I will analyze this nominated website on the basis of web design to identify whether this website is responsive or not.

For this, I will provide the various aspects of nominated website along with the detailed features in terms of usability of user interface. Also, I will assess this report in a systematic manner which will be helpful to understand this website effectively. The following points will be considered to make the report:

  • I will initiate this assessment by introducing AWM website in a short summary which will include the purpose of this website, description as a whole regarding the interface and the type of information displayed in it.
  • The next approach is that I will explain the main features of the nominated website in terms of design such as user-friendly interface, mobile compatibility, speed accuracy and many more. With the description of these features I will also show the images as examples showing these features.
  • After explaining various features now, I will identify the different aspects of AWM website such as positive and negative aspects in accordance to the interface usability and interaction of users. The positive aspects will be analyzed on the basis of its functionality that whether the website is functional or not and the content is relevant with the purpose of website. Further, negative aspects will be based on its responsive feature as this is the key function of any effective web design.
  • To ensure that website is effective or not I will further collect the reviews from my friends, family members and batchmates. For this, I will provide instructions to them like to use identical device for analyzing the web interface. Then, I will compare those reviews with my reviews whether they are distinct or same and if they are same, I will support the answer by stating the valid reason.
  • After this evaluation, I will provide recommendations which will be based on the observations and results obtained from above described points in context to improve the website design. On the other hand, if it is found that there is no requirement to improve the website as it seems appropriate in all terms of design then I will give the reason to support my arguments through various good sources except Wikipedia.
  • In next step, I will describe different tools such as Chrome device simulator which are available for testing the responsive website pages. To make this report more appropriate I will add the figures and images in order to provide suitable examples.
  • At the end of report, I will conclude the whole report on the basis of findings and consolidations. In addition to it, I will focus on the main points of the report to conclude it with future scope of the responsive web design.