CQU HRMT20024 Review of the Literature Guidelines Assessment Item 2

HRM, industrial relations, HR planning and work design challenges


Review of the Literature Guidelines

Assessment No: 2

HRMT20024|Human Resource Management

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CQU HRMT20024 Review of the Literature Guidelines


You are required to review a sample of the literature on an Australian sector.

Step 1. Select a sector to study.

Select one of the following sectors to study: construction sector; health sector, or retail sector. You will use this sector for both Assessment 2 and 3.

Step 2. Select five relevant articles. You will identify five relevant peer-reviewed academic articles. These articles must be:

  1. Published since 2014
  2. Related to your selected sector: construction, healthy or retail, in Australia, and in a way that is useable for Assignment 3 Essay
  3. Related to one of the unit themes from Weeks 15 in this unit (e.g. HRM, industrial relations, HR planning and work design challenges)

It is recommended that you undertake your research via the online search of

CQUniversity Library.

Step 3. Write 500 words on each article (500 x 5= 2500 words)

For each journal article, write to the headings in the template. These include:

  • full reference
  • outline of research objective and research question
  • outline of the method
  • discussion of the findings
  • summary of the conclusions
  • indication of how this will be relevant for your Essay 3.

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TUTOR PROPOSAL FOR : HRMT20024|Review of the Literature Guidelines

HRMT20024 is all about critically evaluating the number of research journals that has been published online in relation to HRM in Australian sector such as health sector, construction sector, or retail sector. In this assessment literature based analysis will be used to analyze and evaluate the work done by other researchers for HRM in in Australian sector like health sector, construction sector or retail sector. In this HRMT20024 assessment item the evolution of HRM in Australia has been discussed by considering the different types of methodologies.

Word from the tutor

The main purpose of HRMT20024 is to enhance the students research and analysis skills by identifying the quality of references and the secondary purpose of this HRMT20024 is to give the number of students an opportunity to demonstrate their writing skills and critical evaluation skills. The commencement of appropriate research on assessment 3 of HRM can be demonstrated by the use of HRMT20024. In this HRMT20024is will select the Australian sector (health sector, construction sector, or retail sector).

This sector will be used in next continuations of this assessment. After selecting the relevant sector I will select the five relevant articles related to human resource management in selected Australian sector. I will select the articles that are published since 2014 and the article will be selected in context of construction, healthy or retail, in Australia. The different themes related to HRM will be evaluated in this article by considering the work done by the other authors. In this evaluation, I will define the themes according to the requirement of weeks and evaluation of 5 weeks will be done in this approach. I will select the five different themes related to HRM in selected Australian sector and select the five different research paper or quality research paper from the online repositories. Also, I will evaluate the resources on the basis of research objectives, research question, outlining of the research methodology and discussion of the findings related to the research. By considering all these factors this evaluation must be done and I will also include the summary of the conclusion that is concluded by the author of corresponding research. the number of papers will be selected from Emerald and Wiley repositories that this will help to upgrade the quality of research and analysis that will be delivered to our customers. Each article that’s written in HRMT20024 will be of 500 words and the review of literature will be conducted in this assessment item. I will use these research papers in assessment three of HRMT20024 and quality of work can be delivered to the number of customers by considering the further requirements of this assessment item.

The format of writing the analysis consist of different section like first of all I will introduce the reference of the paper that will be evaluated. The research objectives of conducting corresponding research will also be evaluated and quoted that help to identify the main intention of the author to conduct this research. in this research the discussion of methods, conclusion and findings has been discussed that will assure the high grades to the user. The scientific writing skills will be used in this assessment in order to deliver the high quality of content to our customers. The template or the guide that is provided in HRMT20024 will be followed that help to achieve the high grades. The standards and norms defined by CSU university must be followed in this assessment in order to provide the quality of content to the users. This critical evaluation is perfect example of annotated bibliography and the number of student who are interest in online assessment help can take advantage of this service. I will follow the norms of professional writing for delivering the quality of content to the customers so that higher level of customer satisfaction will be achieved. There will not any kind of falsification involved in the references that help to achieve high grades for the students are interested in online assessment writing.

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