CQU MGMT20144 Business Case Analysis Assessment Item 1


Business Case Analysis

Assessment No: 1

MGMT20144|Business Case Analysis

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CQU MGMT20144 Business Case Analysis

Different environmental factors that influence the company


Introduction (100 words)

Introduce the topic, state the purpose of the essay and the key points (scope) to be covered.

Case company synopsis (100 words)

Briefly provide some background information which you deem essential and highly relevant to your analysis. [Avoid direct ‘cut’ and ‘paste’ from company websites, paraphrase using your own words and put company website as an in-text reference as per APA style]

Body paragraphs (1300 words)

You decide how to allocate words per question listed below, I would suggest that questions (a) and (b) are descriptive in nature, answers are expected to be concise and straightforward. Remember to incorporate definitions of key concepts in your answer. (See criteria 2 in Marking Rubric). Questions (a) to (d) require critical thinking and analysis based on your research, hence allocate more words accordingly. In-text citation is very important in this part of the essay, as it corresponds to evaluation criteria 2 and 3 (which combined account 20% of your score for this assignment) and criteria 6.

  1. How are the business and governance structures of your chosen companies different/similar, and why might this be the case?
  2. What are the environmental factors that influence your chosen companies’ performance and/or decision-making?
  3. What are the top three risks your chosen companies face and how might this influence their decision making?
  4. Make 3 suggestions regarding how the companies might improve their business practices.

Conclusion (100 words)

Once again, be concise. Provide a summary of your key points in the essay (avoid using same sentences). Avoid introducing new topics (e.g., recently, the company is involved in a scandal etc.), but do highlight implications on the management of the company in the future on the basis of your analysis.

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TUTOR PROPOSAL FOR : MGMT20144|Business Case Analysis

In this assessment, the business case analysis will be performed by selecting the specific business. The governance structures of the chosen organization will be discussed in MGMT20144-Assessment Item 1. In this assessment the use of secondary evidences will leverage the quality of analysis performed for a specific case. In this assessment the descriptive type of analysis will be used to evaluate the business case scenario.

Words from the tutor

In this MGMT20144-Assessment Item, descriptive analysis will be used to evaluate the selected business case scenario. In the introduction part of this assessment I will introduce the topic and the state of the purpose of the study or essay along with the number of key points that will be covered in the assessment. The synopsis of the case company will also be included that comprises of background information and analysis that is relevant to the selected organization or business case. The body section of this assessment comprises of question that can be validated by the use of descriptive analysis. The critical thinking and analysis of data resources will be performed in this assessment item.

The body part of this analysis will help to answer the question related to governance structure of the selected company and the environmental factors that can influence the corresponding company. The performance and decision making capabilities of corresponding company will be exposed by using the official reports and website of company. The risk that can be experienced by the company will be explored or accessed in this descriptive or evidence based analysis. After assessing the risk, the influence of risk on the decision making power of an organization will be evaluated. The suggestion related to resolution of risks will also be included in this approach and the recommendation will be evidenced from the work of other author in same context. The improvement of business operations and practices will be ensured by the use of recommendation and suggestion included in the framework. The business performance will be upgraded by referring the work delivered to the student.

In this MGMT20144- assessment itme1 plagiarism free content will be delivered to the students and the style of referencing will be followed to in text the content used in the assessment. This type pf professional writing will deliver quality of work and help to retain more grades in course work. the marking rubric provided with this assessment will be followed while designing this assessment. The conclusion of this assessment will help to provide a summary of various key points that will be described in the essay and there will not be any kind of new topic introduced in this section of analysis. The implications related to management of the corresponding company will also be defined in the conclusion of this section. The future scope of the analysis will also be discussed in this approach. The straight forward answer will be provided to number of question and evaluation criteria will also be considered while designing this evidence based analysis. I will be using the critical thinking approach for referring and evaluating the other journals so that quality of resource used will be upgraded.

I will in-text the references accurately in order to gain insights and this leverage the high distinction for the students who are interested in online assessment writing. I will use the variant information for critically evaluating the corresponding business case. The positive t and negative effects of environmental tm factors will also be evaluated. I will not cut and paste the information from website of the selected company because it will create the copyright and plagiarism issue. The genuine suggestion or recommendation will be suggested to improve the quality of framed analysis. The key concepts and the definitions will also be described in analysis and discussion portion and this will manage the Challenges related to poor quality of work delivered to clients. The decision making capabilities that get effected by the change in environment of corresponding business will also be discussed in this approach by considering the online researches that are available under same context.