CSU ITC505 Risk Planning, Project Close Presentation Assessment Item 4


Risk Planning, Project Close - Presentation

Assessment No: 4

ITC505|ICT Project Management

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CSU ITC505 Risk Planning, Project Close Presentation

Power point presentation on risk Planning, Project Progress and Results & Close Out.


This assignment is a combination of personal and team work.


Your casebook is downloadable from a link in the Interact2 subject site under the Assignment tab or you may also scan it here or you may use this link (https://doms.csu.edu.au/csu/items/f06ae8db-9aaa-4439-852d- d003860b80d5/1/).

It gives you step-by-step instructions on what you need to do to complete this assignment. Some of these may be reports from group meetings as well as your own contribution.

  • Task 4.1 - Risk Planning (6 marks, Team Discussions, then final version in Presentation, attached to the Journal)
  • Task 4.2 - Project Progress and Results & Close Out (4 marks, Team Discussions, then final version also in same Presentation, attached to the Journal)
  • Team Powerpoint, Presentation & Submission (5 marks) Task 4.3 - Knowledge Management Feedback Form (Realising Benefits) (4 marks, individual work in Journal)

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TUTOR PROPOSAL FOR : ITC505|Risk Planning, Project Close - Presentation

ITC505 201990 SM- 1

Assessment item 4 - Risk Planning, Project Close – Presentation

ITC505 (Assessment item 4) is a combination of teamwork and personal in which presentation has to be prepared about planning and project close. Different tasks will be covered in this assessment, including risk planning, project progress and project results along with close out and knowledge management feedback form. Meeting minutes will also be prepared in this assessment, which are considered as major part of this assignment. The main tasks that will be performed for doing this assessment are discussed below:

  • Task 4.1 - Risk Planning The first task of assessment 4 is to do risk planning on the basis of project. Risk planning is a procedure to decide how to plan and approach the risk management activities for particular project. Risk planning in the project is very important to achieve success in all aspects. In this assessment item 4, I will do risk planning on the basis of team discussion and prepare PowerPoint slides.
  • Task 4.2 - Project Progress and Results & Close Out This is a second task in ITC505 assessment item 4 in which the discussion about project progress will be done. I will prepare proper report on the progress of the project in which proper progress that could help in measuring the project success appropriately. Along with this, the discussion about results of the project as well as close-out will also be included in this task. This complete task will be demonstrated in the form of power point slides.
  • Task 4.3 - knowledge management feedback form In this task of assessment item-4, knowledge management feedback form will be prepared. It will be based on feedback collected from the users and its main objective is to realise the benefits otter project. The main purpose of this task is to finish the project as well as realise the benefits. I will create a feedback form for the stakeholders in order to communicate and collect their ratings. This feedback form will include rating scale in order to collect their reviews, which could also help to evaluate the benefits as well as limitations of whole project or system appropriately.

So, in this assessment, I will prepare a power point slides, including information regarding the risk planning, project progress, project results as well as feedback from the stakeholders that could help in realizing the benefits of the project as discussed in the case study. I will develop a risk planning strategy on the basis of given case study and also present complete discussion on proposed strategies appropriately. Along with this, final analysis of the project will also be elaborated with the help of critical evaluation about success and decision taken for doing this project. I will prepare team PowerPoint presentation that can be submitted in the form of MP4. I will also provide key notes for all the slides with the help of which it is easy for the students to present all the slides by understanding them in a clear manner.

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