CSU-ITC504 ICT Interface Design Evaluation Usability Assessment Item- 3


Design Evaluation

Assessment No: 3

ITC504|Interface Usability

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CSU-ITC504 ICT Interface Design Evaluation Usability

Evaluate a design for usability issues and define heuristic or framework being used for evaluation



Your assignment is to conduct a usability evaluation of another team's design.

The Self Checkout System case study is located in the Interact2 Resources page. You need to read this case study before starting this assessment item.

Team Setup

This assignment is the second of the team assignments for this subject. The rationale for using a team approach is that most IT design and development studios work in teams of between

designers/developers for each design problem. You are part of a team of expert reviewers who have been tasked to evaluate a design for usability issues.

Team Member Responsibilities

Each team member will be assessed on:

  • The final usability evaluation presented by the team;
  • The individual contributions that they have made to the usability evaluation. This will be shown by the entries that they have made in the Team Forum.

Team members should note that:

A total of 20% of the total marks for this assignment are for individual contributions to Team Forum discussions. A team member without any individual contributions in the Team Forum will be regarded as having not contributed to the evaluation. This will result in either reduced marks or no marks being awarded to that team member for this assignment.

Team Tasks

  • You are required to evaluate a design for usability issues. You can use either the Neilsen & Molich (https://www.nngroup.com/articles/ten-usability-heuristics/) or Budd (http://www.andybudd.com/archives/2007/01/ heuristics_for_modern_web_application_development/) heuristics for the usability evaluation. The design will be provided to you by the Subject Coordinator.
  • In your Team Forum, create a thread titled Assignment 3 Evaluation Decisions. In that thread, discuss and indicate the reasoning behind your evaluation decisions. This reasoning must demonstrate input from each member of the team. The team leader should then prepare a PDF file showing the team's discussion as follows:
    1. Click on the thread Assignment 3 Evaluation Decisions.
    2. Click Select ALL.
    4. Click PRINT PREVIEW.
    5. Print to PDF file. Save this file as TeamName_Assign3_Evaluation_Discussion.pdf (replace TeamName with your team's name).
    6. Upload the PDF file to your team's File Exchange area.
  • Prepare an report which details:
    1. The design evaluated;
    2. The heuristic or framework being used for the evaluation;
    3. Each heading in the heuristic or framework should be listed followed by a discussion of the related issues found on the design. This should include:
      • What the issue is and where is it located (provide a screenshot); (20 marks)
      • Why the issue is a problem, and the reasoning behind your assessment; (20 marks)
      • Whether the issue is a significant or a minor issue; (20 marks)
      • Possible remediation actions that could resolve this issue (provide annotated screenshots). (20 marks)
  • The evaluation decisions will be verified against the Team Forum discussion posts and therefore must be based on the actual team discussion. Save the evaluation report as TeamName_Assign3_Evaluation_Decisions_Report.pdf (replace TeamName with your team's name) in your team's File Exchange area.

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TUTOR PROPOSAL FOR : ITC504|Design Evaluation

ITC504 Assessment 3 is to conduct the usability evaluation of the designs prepared by another team. This analysis will be done on the basis of self- checkout system case study. This assignment is about the design evaluation, which will be performed with the use of usability heuristic or an appropriate framework for evaluating the design. In order to complete this assignment task, different steps will be followed.

In order to start design evaluation, the designs made by another team will be considered that will be evaluated to examine the effectiveness of the designs. The main purpose behind the evaluation is to identify the usability issues that might be faced by the users after the implementation of particular system or website. Proper reasoning behind the evaluation decisions will also be elaborated in the report that will demonstrate the input from all the team members of the team individually.

In order to prepare the report on design evaluation, different sections will be included such as:

  1. In first section of the report, I will demonstrate the design given by the subject coordinator and elaborate it clearly.
  2. After this, the detailed information regarding framework or heuristic will be given, which can be used purpose of evaluating the selected design.
  3. I will list all the issues found in the design by considering different headings including:
    • I will write the detailed information regarding the issue and also define the location clearly. Along with this, I will also provide the screenshot of the design where the issue is found.
    • I will also provide the proper reason behind the issue that how it could effect in future.
    • In addition to this, the significance of selected usability issue will also be elaborated that whether the particular issue is minor or significant.
    • Along with this, I will also provide some possible remediation actions that could help the team in resolving all the identified issues and make the designs proper. These suggestions could be implemented to make the designs perfect. Along with the recommendations to resolve the issues, I will also provide annotated screenshots that will help the team to understand that what changes are required in the designs.

I will make the usability evaluation in accurate way that will not be overly derogatory or negative. I will identify the issue as a professional designer and also provide the proper commentary that will help the team to make the required changes. The overall evaluation will be done on the basis of design principles, which are very important to consider in order to make the system designs perfect and responsive in all aspects. The usability testing results will be helpful for the team to plan the improvements for interface, which are very important for enhancing the customer experience in terms of usability of the system. The results would allow the team for designing the usability strategy in order to ensure that the designed interfaces effectively meet all the usability goals appropriately.

For doing ITC504 Assessment 3, I will clearly understand important design principles and evaluate the designs on the basis of those principles. I will provide the list of issues with detailed information and reasoning as well as show the issues in the screenshots of the designs. The proper report will be prepared for design evaluation including different sections such as design, which are to be evaluated in this report, list of issues identified in the designs of other team members, proper screenshots about all the issues and list of possible remediation that will help another team in resolving all the identified issues in their designs and make them responsive, which is the main requirement of this assessment to get high grades and make the prototype in Assessment 4.

Design evaluation might be considered as complex and time-consuming task by the students due to which they could face difficulties to complete this assessment. You can hire experts at Assignmenthelp4me.com and get instant assignment help for your assignment. We will help you in completing the design evaluation (assignment task) as per the requirements and preparing the proper report on it.