CSU ITC508 Design Phase Assessment item 3 Architecture Diagram


Design Phase

Assessment No: 3

ITC508|Object Modelling

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CSU ITC508 Design Phase Architecture Diagram

Draw one or more architecture diagrams to better illustrate your designs


In the third phase of the project, you need to perform following design activities in continuation of the analysis activities from assignment 2.

  1. Design the system architecture, describing the important hardware and software components (servers, clients etc.) and their role. Justify your design decisions that involve a choice of technology or choice of software components. It is strongly recommended to draw one or more architecture diagrams to better illustrate your designs.
  2. Choose two distinct use cases and draw their user interface mockups in the form of storyboards. You should conform the principles of good UI design as taught in the subject. Storyboard diagrams should have sufficient details and annotations to give a clear idea of proposed design.
  3. Perform use case realization for two most important use cases from the case study. Choose two important use cases for the system (from assignment 2) and elaborate them using interaction diagrams (i.e. sequence diagrams or communication diagrams).

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Assessment 3: Design Phase

In ITC508 Assessment Item 3, the main task is to demonstrate the third phase of the project i.e. the design phase for which there is a need to perform different design activities in continuation to various analysis activities from assessment 2. The assessment 2 was regarding elaboration phase in which project requirements were elaborated in detail. All the identified requirements also illustrated with the use of UML diagrams. The main topics that would be covered in “assessment 3: design phase” are design of system architecture, draw the user interface mockups and perform the use case realization of two different use cases by selecting them from assessment 2:

Design the System Architecture

In first section of assessment, the system architecture will be designed. System architecture refers to the conceptual model that elaborates the behavior, structure and more views related to the system. For designing the system architecture, I will use different software and hardware components such as clients, servers etc. In this report, I will provide the description regarding different hardware and software components as well as elaborate their roles in the system in efficient manner. As the purpose of this assessment is to provide the detailed design document, it will also provide the justification regarding the design decisions in which I will provide the information about choice of technology and software components clearly.

As a tutor, in order to illustrate the system architecture in better way, I will draw different architecture diagram in this assessment. This will help in achieving better grades in this particular task and also assist in elaborating the overall concept of system architecture in more efficient manner.

Use cases and user interface mockups

This is the second sub-task of ITC508 Assessment Item 3, in which I will select two different use cases and draw the UI (User Interface) mockups in the form of storyboards. In order to design UI mockups, I will conform the principles related to good UI design. Some important principles of good UI design are innovative, simple, attractive, aesthetic, long lasting, honest etc. I will prepare the UI design as per the design principles taught in your subject. Storyboard diagrams will be elaborated in this report with sufficient details as well as annotations in order to give the clear idea about proposed design. Storyboard is basically a linear sequence about illustrations that arrayed together for visualizing the story in efficient way. I will use storyboard in UI design as a tool that will predict and explore the experience of users with the system, which is to be developed in this project. With the help of storyboards, I will effectively elaborate the UI design of system in proper manner. In order to make good UI design, I will consider design principles that will help to make the design perfect in all aspects.

Perform Use Case realization

This is the third sub- task of this assessment in which I will perform the use case realization for two different most important uses cases from the particular case study. I will select two important case studies that have been elaborated in assignment 2 and also elaborate them with the use of interaction diagrams such as communication diagrams and sequence diagrams. The communication diagram is basically an extension about object diagram, which shows the particular objects along with all the messages that will be sent from one point to another. The main purpose to provide the communication diagram is to model different mechanism within the architectural design related to the system. In this task, both the sequence diagram and communication diagram will be demonstrated, which are almost similar to each other. Communication diagram will arrange the elements of the system according to the space whereas, sequence diagram will elaborate them as per the time.

So, the main section that I will cover in this task are the designing of system architecture, designing of user interface mockups and perform the use case realization by demonstrating the interaction diagrams such as communication diagrams and interaction diagrams. According to the marking criteria of this assessment, three topics will be covered in this assessment such as system architecture, storyboards and interaction diagrams. In System architecture, I will propose a detailed design of the system including network components, hardware/software components as well as interactions between them. I will prepare the design by considering the FURPS requirements collected in assessment 2. In section of storyboards, I will demonstrate the considerations of four or more user interface design principles. In section of interaction diagrams, I will demonstrate different diagrams, including exact messages, returned data, parameters and their sequencing/ordering. Along with this, diagrams will also model the loops as well as conditional branching.

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