CSU ITC568 Privacy & Data Strategy Assessment item 4


Privacy & Data Strategy

Assessment No: 4

ITC568|Cloud Privacy and Security

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CSU ITC568 Privacy & Data Strategy

Develop a Privacy strategy proposal for Management of personal information


After your successful engagement to provide a security and privacy risk assessment for the DAS, you have again been engaged to develop privacy and personal data protection strategies for DAS.

You are to write a report that proposes appropriate policies for DAS in the following areas:

  • Develop a Privacy strategy proposal for DAS. The strategy should include the following items:
    1. Management of personal information,
    2. Collection and management of solicited personal information,
    3. Use and disclosure of personal information,
    4. Use and security of digital identities,
    5. Security of personal information,
    6. Access to personal information,
    7. Quality and correction of personal information.
  • The controls that you recommend that would:
    1. Mitigate the previously identified privacy risks,
    2. Implement the privacy strategy.
  • Develop a personal data protection strategy proposal for DAS. This strategy should include:
    1. Protection of personal information,
    2. Authorised access & disclosure of personal information,
    3. Use of personal digital identities,
  • The controls that you recommend that would:
    1. Mitigate the previously identified data security risks,
    2. Implement the personal data protection strategy.

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TUTOR PROPOSAL FOR : ITC568|Privacy & Data Strategy

Privacy & Data Strategy


The main task in ITC568 Assessment Item- 4 is to provide privacy and data strategy to the organisation in order to make cloud migration successful. After providing security and privacy risk assessment to the organisation in assessment item 3 and 4, I will develop privacy and personal data protection Strategies for the organisation in this assessment. For this task, prepare a report that will propose appropriate policies for the organisation in different areas as discussed below:

Develop a privacy strategy proposal

In order to develop privacy strategy proposal for the organisation, I will involve different items. In this, idol provide methods for the management of personal information about organisation and its employees from different risks appropriately. Along with this, also discuss about the collection and management of all the personal information within the organisation that will help to protect it from various security and privacy risks. The information about utilisation and disclosure of personal information of the employees will also be given in this report. I will provide information about the methods for providing security to all the information as well as enable secure access to it, which is very important to prevent it from unauthorised users. This section of the report will also make discussion on correction and quality of personal information appropriately, which is an important part of privacy strategy proposal.

Recommended security controls

In this task of the report, I will recommend various controls that would help in the elimination of different types of security risks that an organisation could face after migrating to cloud infrastructure. The main tasks that will be covered in this section involve mitigation strategies for privacy risks as well as implementation of privacy strategy.

Development of personal data protection strategy proposal

In this task of the report, I will develop personal data protection strategy proposal for the organisation that will include protection of personal information, authorized access and disclosure of all sensitive and personal information as well as utilisation of personal identities in secure manner, which is very important to keep it protected from unauthorised access that has become a major issue with cloud infrastructure. I will prepare this strategy by considering all the privacy risks to personal information and digital identities related to employees.

Recommended security controls

In this section of the report, I will suggest some security controls that would help organisation in the protection of all the confidential data related to business and employees from different security risks. While recommending security controls, all the risks identified previously will be considered so that they will be eliminated easily. Along with this, I will also provide information about the implementation of personal data protection strategy in this task so that it would be easy for the organisation to implement particular mitigation strategies successfully.

In order to write report for assessment item 4, I will include four different headings such as:

  1. Privacy strategy for personal data
  2. Recommended privacy controls
  3. Personal data protection
  4. Recommended personal data protection controls

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