ENGT5102 Individual assignment Design Study Assignment

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ENGT5102 Individual assignment Design Study Assignment

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ENGT5102|Design Study Assignment

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ENGT5102 Individual assignment Design Study Assignment

Individual assignment




Refer module handbook for more information…

Design Study Report Requirements with marking Scheme (75% of the Module):

The design study report will need to be prepared based on the following template:

Title: Model Based System Engineering of a smart collaborative robot with vision, voice and IIoT capabilities
Introduction introduces the subject area and the general focus for the study to the readers and the background to the work. The section will also define the scope of the work undertaken, indicate the approach taken in the project and introduce the main topics of interest.
Intro and background if you know what it means (5% - so no need too much content)
Aims and Objectives this introduces clearly and unambiguously the aims and “SMART” objectives of the study.
http://www.erm.ecs.soton.ac.uk/theme4/aims_and_objectives.html Aims: state the aim of the design study clearly
Objectives: How you achieve the aim(s) About 5/6 Bullet points of “actions” to be taken to achieve the aim Carry out literature review… Construct the SYSMl diagrams (system models)… {Note: students always struggle to do this correctly – do some research and look at some examples}
State of the Art Describe the scientific or technical knowledge currently available and as applied to a design or product. Review of current practice, and critically appraises relevant published literature related to aspects of the project, this can also include reviews of available commercial literature, Internet material, etc. References must be cited / listed wherever they are used. Avoid descriptive writing – you need to demonstrate critical writing, describe how what you learned influence your study.
Avoid “descriptive writing” major pitfall by students They normally like to explain things – and keep explaining – like a text book content. They normally fail to identify any useful information related to the work. It is necessary to present this in the “state of the art” style, to explain where is the, a brief background, current stage of development, the key technologies, and building blocks of the system, the future development / advancement, etc. Then you need to include the next part below: The key is “critical writing”: They should demonstrate evaluation, compare, contrast, state advantages and limitations, analysis, their own input, view and thought, pointing out the design direction, decision making, concluding remarks, etc.
Methodology description on how the work was undertaken – the approach taken for the study, design method - modelling and simulation (Model Based System Engineering and Model based Design), experimental design and approach for analysis / evaluation / verification / validation, description of equipment / software development tools used Students will also have difficulties writing methodology correctly. Please refer to the key words highlighted above and write something with respect to them. The main purpose of this is to present to the readers how you carry out the work.
Requirements Specification Requirements Specification refers to user requirements, which are then translated into Design Specification for the developer by you.
This will be in sync with your (requirement diagram) (this is the text version of your requirement diagram) Only focus on 5 different requirements:
  • Functional
  • Performance
  • Interface
  • Constraint
  • Others – environment, safety, etc.
Design Specification you interpret the user requirements and come up with a design specification (for the development team) Think – how much information/what way I need to provide to the engineers to development the project/work
Correlated to BDD IBD (detailed implementation) This will include identification of key technologies and some design decisions, implementation specifications
Design concepts and final design (include 2 design concepts) justify your choice by e.g. a decision matrix against the requirements. Describe your final design showing the system overview which include hardware and software / controller, sensors, actuators.
A ”system diagram” that you normally construct to show to the readers who you system looks would be useful here – advise you do some research and you will normally find many diagrams for software/IT system This will correlate to the BDD (hierarchical breakdown)
System Modelling using SysML Models which includes: Requirement Diagram; Use Case Diagram; Block Definition Diagram/Internal Block Diagram Parametric Diagram; Activity Diagram/Sequence Diagram; State Machine diagram describing the control logic
You will need to present those diagrams with some explanations: Basic Simulink Models and related CAD models, which may include control logic (stateflow). Presentation and description of the results achieved (e.g. modelling (system model) and simulation results, etc.) Other Modelling and Simulation methods or tools are also acceptable. Not expecting a fully operational model.
Refer to the tutorials instruction Results; analysis and discussions; refinement to final design and other major issues which arise in relation to the project undertaken. This section has four purposes, it should: i) Interpret and explain your results; ii) Answer your research question; iii) Justify your approach and iv) Critically evaluate your study. Read more at: https://www.skillsyouneed.com/learn/dissertation-results-discussion.html
Conclusions and Recommendations a review of the study against the objectives identified, a summary of the findings of significance from the work undertaken and the major conclusions that can be inferred. Identify in-particular the novel aspects of the work.

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