Enterprise architecture Individual Presentation Group assignment

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Enterprise architecture Individual Presentation / Group assignment

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NA|Enterprise architecture

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 Enterprise architecture Individual Presentation Group assignment

Trimester Assignment


Trimester Assignment

The Assignment takes the form of a report that the student prepares for a C-level manager (CEO, CTO, CIO, ...), in which the author(s) will:

To prepare the white paper you need to find, read and then cite reliable peer reviewed / authoritative sources (such as books and journal articles, or conference papers, government reports and the like, and to a limited extent sources from reputable companies). Blogs and similar opinion pieces are not considered reliable.

Examples may include: Internet of Things, Business / Data Analytics and Machine Learning technologies, Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Computing, Process Improvement using Six Sigma or Kaizen, or other (in which case please discuss your idea with the lecturer before you progress too far).

The business problem

Explain clearly and succinctly

  1. Describe a business problem that is prevalent in the industry;
  2. Choose and explain the essence of a new / innovative technology*;
  3. Convince the reader that this technology is able to solve the business problem;
  4. Propose an approach that a company could take to adopt the solution to solve the business problem in question;
  5. Provide a summary of your paper’s main points.
    • What is the business problem to be solved, and
    • Why is change strategically important?
  6. This part of the white paper raises the interest of management by presenting an important problem that many enterprises are (or will be likely) facing. Note that a white paper is not about a single company, it is about a problem that is prevalent in a segment of industry.

    The proposed technology (or method, approach, ...)

    • explain clearly and in a language appropriate for a management audience what is the proposed technology (or method or approach), then
    • argue and provide proof that it is expected to solve the business problem.
    A white paper is not a plan for a particular company, but after reading a well written white paper management may ask someone in the company to come up with a company-specific plan to apply the technology in the organisation.

    Introducing the proposed change in the Enterprise

    What part or aspect of the enterprise will be affected by the change, and what kind of change can be expected? E.g. think about possible change of the business model, or organisation, technology, people / skills, processes?

    What are preconditions for being able to perform this change?

    Note that these ‘preconditions’ may include many things: technological maturity, maturity of architecture governance and management, availability (or access to) necessary skills, typical organisational or policy / legal obstacles may need to be overcome, ability to financially afford the change, or any other obstacle that is typical.

    Who would be responsible for initiating the necessary change?

    Who in the organisation would be the typical champion and sponsor of the change?

    How could this change be approached organisationally?

    E.g. Would the change be able to be addressed through a single Project, or perhaps an entire change Programme is necessary that includes multiple coordinated projects, steps?

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 Enterprise architecture Individual Presentation / Group assignment