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HI5020|Corporate Accounting

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HI5020 Corporate Accounting

Corporate Accounting


Assignment Specifications

Assessment task:

Collect the latest annual reports of Two (2) ASX listed companies for the last 3 financial years. Based on your collected annual reports, do the following tasks:

  • Identify the different sources of fund that have been used by your selected companies.
  • Examine the evolution of the sources of fund used by the company over the last three financial years with specific focus on the changes of different sources of funds.
  • Identify the percentage of the fund that is internally generated and the percentage of the fund that is externally generated for each selected company.
  • Explain the relative merits and shortcomings of the different sources of fund used by your selected companies.
  • Critically examine different types of liabilities shown in the balance sheet of your selected companies? Identify which ones of the liabilities are interest bearing and which ones are not interest is bearing
  • Critically examine the key provisions under the AASB 137 ‘Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets.
  • Identify if your selected companies have made any reference to this particular standard (AASB 137) in their annual reports.
  • Identify all different categories of assets recorded by the selected companies. (ix) Critically examine the measurement basis used by the company for each class of assets recoded by the selected companies.

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HI5020 Corporate Accounting