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Adult Learning - Self-Exploration

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HRES2401|Employee Learning and Development

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HRES2401 Employee Learning and Development

Adult Learning - Self-Exploration


Assignment: Adult Learning - Self-Exploration

Purpose of assignment:

To have learners explore adult learning principles on a deeper level by connecting what they have learned to their own personal learning experience. The best way to understand the adult learners they will be training is to better understand who they are (our learners) as an adult learner, and what impacts their learning.

Learning Outcomes:

Analyze factors impacting adult learning.

Significant Learning Moment

Think of a time when you, as an adult, experienced a significant learning moment. The example you choose for this assignment should illustrate a significant learning experience in your life which has helped shape your learning in some way. Describe your experience (note: do not simply list a handful of experiences. Identify one, elaborate, and provide depth). What was the significant learning that took place? Where did this learning take place? Who was involved? What contributed to your learning in this experience? Why was this experience so significant for you?

Formal, Informal, and Incidental Learning

Reflect on your significant learning experiences as an adult (note: you are not limited to the example you addressed in the previous section). As you think about these experiences, reflect on some of the ways in which adults learn. Specifically, I would like you to think about Formal Learning, Informal Learning, and Incidental Learning. Choose ONE of these ways that we learn which you feel has influenced/ informed your learning the most? Explain and provide specific examples from your life (as an adult) that illustrate the concept you have chosen. For example, have some of your significant learning experiences come from formal learning (e.g. taking a course either online or in the classroom, taking a workshop where you received certification for something, or any other learning experience which took place in a traditional, structured learning context)? Or, have some of your significant learning experiences taken place informally (e.g. trying a new activity or hobby, engaging with peers to share ideas and opinions about a particular topic, or any other experiences which have unfolded in your day-to-day life where learning took place as a result)? Or, some of your significant learning experiences been the result of incidental learning (e.g. perhaps you worked on a group project and in the process you developed a greater ability to work with diversity, or perhaps you experienced a particular life event which led to a turn of events resulting in some form of unexpected change/ learning in your life, etc.)?

Transformational Learning

As stated by Mezirow, transformational learning refers to a significant change within someone from the inside out on many levels. Transformational learning is not simply learning or realizing something new, but rather, it is a profound change/ alteration in thinking, feeling, perceiving, values, and behaviours toward something. Mezirow believes that in order for true transformational learning to occur, a person must experience what he refers to as “the disorienting dilemma”, where a person experiences a degree of fear, discomfort, unease, etc. during the transformation process. It is only through a significant alteration in what we are familiar and comfortable with that we may “transform” how we think about, feel about, and see something.

Reflect on your learning experiences as an adult while thinking about the concept of transformational learning. Identify a time where you experienced transformation learning. Describe your experience. What or who caused this transformational learning? What was the disorienting event? How did this experience or series of events transform (change) you?

Malcolm Knowles Adult Learning Principles

Reflect on Malcolm Knowles adult learning principles. Which of these principles do you relate to the most, and do you feel has the greatest impact on your own learning? Explain how some of these adult learning principles relate to the learning experiences you have described in the previous sections.

Kolb’s Learning Preferences

Reflect on Kolb’s Learning Preferences. What is your learning preference? Explain. Provide specific examples of meaningful learning experiences in your life which illustrate the learning preference you identified.

Reflective Practice

This section provides you with the opportunity to reflect on what you have addressed in the previous sections of this assignment, to draw from your learning experiences, and to put this into practice. How will your significant learning moments and what you have learned in the course thus far regarding adult learning, help to inform your practice as a future educator and HR Professional?

Organized and Structured

  • Should be 1250-1500 words in length (approximately 5-6 pages of content. This count does NOT include the title page).
  • Content should be written using full sentence/paragraph format.
  • Be formatted in accordance with APA guidelines (e.g. be typed in 12 point Times New Roman Font.
  • Double spaced. Use 2.0 (double) line spacing.
  • Title page with the name of the assignment, your name, your instructor’s name, and the date you are submitting the assignment.
  • Organize your assignment as follows: Divide your assignment into the main sections (including bold headings) identified in your instructions. Content within each section should begin directly below each heading and subheading. All headings should be BOLDED.
  • All submissions must be run through Turnitin, which is anti-plagiarism software used by Bow Valley College (once the instructor enables the Turnitin function, all assignments which are submitted through the dropbox will automatically be run through the Turnitin program. Note: For this assignment, student Turnitin results must be 15% or less. Assignments consisting of a Turnitin score higher than 15% may be subject to a zero grade. Instructors: refer to instructor resources, ‘Turnitin requirements’ doc, in d2l.
  • Please review the Academic Honesty Module with respect to academic honesty and plagiarism. This information is located on Brightspace/D2L within the Program pages. (Location: > Select your Program of Study under the heading My Programs > Select the Academic Honesty Module under the Content Browser)
  • You will receive a mark of zero if your work is copied or plagiarized and further disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with the academic honesty policy.
  • Your paper will be marked in accordance with the Rubric attached to this assignment.
  • Submit your assignment to the D2L dropbox provided.

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