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HRMT19023 - Assignment 3

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HRMT19023  Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management


HRMT19023 - Assignment 3 Instructions and Guidelines

Details: Due Date: Monday 17 February, 11:55PM AEST (Exam Week). Length: 2000 words (+ or – 10%). Task Instructions: You are required to take on the role of an organisational consultant, and review the collection of information provided that outlines a situation of organisational conflict. This information will be in a variety of different forms, much in the same way that you would collect a variety of information when working as an actual consultant. You will then need to prepare a report for the Department Manager of the organisation that outlines how the conflict is occurring, identifies who the main contributors to the conflict are (and what their perspectives may be), explains what some of the main issues involved are, and most importantly, proposes some practical and feasible recommendations for how the conflict could be effectively managed.

For this task, you will be taking on the role of Alex Bertrac, an employee at an IT company named Innevtech

You are a Team Leader in the Human Resources Department, but have been asked to be the acting Head of the Corporate Sales Division for a short period of time while the current Head of Division, Bill Burns, is away on holiday. You were nominated for this position due to your management experience, and because you will soon be putting in an application for the Head of the Human Resources Department, and the senior executive team wants to see how you will handle this role.

Shortly before taking over the role, Bill Burns let you know about a current conflict situation within the Corporate Sales team. The two employees involved (Paul Collins and Delilah Baker) have had a history of not seeing eye to eye, likely due to Delilah receiving a promotion to Team Leader 3 years ago, a position that Paul had applied for several times. The situation escalated again in the week before you were set to take over as acting Head of Division, with Paul and Delilah reportedly engaging in a loud, heated argument in the office.

Bill has asked if you could try to ‘sort them out’ while he is away, and you have recognised this as your chance to demonstrate your conflict management and resolution skills. Firstly though, you needed to get more information about the situation. After contacting the two employees involved, they both seemed cautious, but willing to work with you in an attempt to resolve the situation. Delilah agreed to forward you her email conversations from the morning that the most recent escalation of conflict occurred, and you arranged to sit down for an informal interview with Paul, Delilah, and another team member, Penny McAdams.

On Moodle, you will find copies of the emails sent (including the initial email from Bill, telling you about the situation), as well as video recordings of the interviews with Paul, Delilah, and Penny. Your task is to prepare a report for Bill Burns that provides an analysis of the conflict, uses relevant concepts and theories to help explain the situation, and most importantly, provides a series of reasonable, practical ideas and suggestions to help manage, or even resolve the conflict. These ideas and suggestions should be clearly supported by relevant literature or justified through evidence of effective use at other organisation.

General Advice: The assessment is about analysing conflict in the workplace, and demonstrating an understanding of the underlying causes and potential resolution techniques. One of the key skills that you should develop throughout this unit is the ability to identify, manage, and where possible, resolve conflict. This assignment is designed to assess your knowledge related to this area. The headings below give an indication of the type of headings that can be used for this report, as well as a general idea of what content should be included.

Executive Summary Should be about 150-200 words briefly describing the contents of your report. Your executive summary should be an overview of all the main points made in your report. Don’t include vague sentences like “recommendations are then provided.” You need to be specific about what the recommendations actually are. The reader should be able to see all of the important elements of your report in the executive summary.

Table of Contents This should give a clear list of the headings and subheadings of your report, along with the corresponding page numbers.

Introduction The introduction can be structured as one paragraph, or in a series of subheadings, but either way, needs to identify the background, aim and scope of your report. Try to ensure that your introduction is not the same as your executive summary. These two sections serve different purposes. The executive summary should be a comprehensive overview of the entire report, including specific mention of the recommendations you have provided. The introduction should be focused on explaining the purpose of the report (which should be clear from the background, aim, and scope).

Body (When using headings, avoid generic ones like ‘Body’. Make them relevant to your essay. See below for an example.) The body of your essay should address the key points shown in the important details above. The order in which you choose to address these points is largely up to you, however, it is usually advisable to start the body with more descriptive discussion and definitions of key terms, and then gradually introduce more critical analysis and theoretical components, before presenting the recommendations at the end.

Conclusion Your conclusion should be a summary and reiteration of the key arguments discussed throughout your assignment (One paragraph should be enough).

Example Structure:

While the actual structure and headings used are up to you, an example of how you could go about structuring the information is as follows:

Executive Summary (Remember that your executive summary needs to include all major findings and recommendations, and shouldn’t just be the same as your introduction)

Table of Contents (check that this is formatted properly with all headings and page numbers appearing correctly)

  • Introduction (this would be where you state the background, aim, and scope of the report)
  • Conflict in the workplace (this could be a heading for your review of the literature, that leads into a more specific outline of the conflict)
    • Types and Players (this could be a subheading that allows you to explore specific forms of conflict and what roles the individuals in this situation may be playing)
    • Major Issues (this could be a heading used to highlight the part of your report that outlines the main areas of conflict occurring in the scenario you’ve analysed).
  • Proposed Strategies (A heading like this will be important, to highlight where you are making your recommendations)


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