ICT702 Python TASK 2 Data Wrangling Assessment and Tutor Proposal

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TASK 2 Chill Chai – Ice tea Shop

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ICT702 Python TASK 2 Data Wrangling



Chill Chai – iced tea shop

The local iced tea shop needs a new ordering system to improve customer service by streamlining the ordering process. The manager of the store has found that many orders are incorrect and staff at times enter incorrect prices. The manager wants a new ordering system to avoid these errors and to ensure correct prices are charged.

At present, the customer selects what tea base they want: Black, White, Oolong, Green or Pu- erh. The customer chooses how many flavours, the styles of each flavour, how many mixins and the types. There are currently eight flavours and ten mixins to choose from.

The management are hoping to have a system developed where staff enter the order at stations where the price is calculated, and the customer pays. The order is then sent to staff at the counters who complete the order and give it to the customer. In addition to the ordering system, Chill Chai have asked for some analysis on the current trends in iced tea sales in the five neighbouring regions. As a result, you were able to source weekly sales data for 45 stores over 3 years (2010 – 2012).

Learning Objectives

In this task you will learn how to:

  • Write programs that produce correct and useful output
  • Apply relevant Python programming concepts to a data analysis challenge
  • Read data from real sources and wrangle it into the form you need.
  • Develop creative approaches to solving the wrangling/analysis problems.
  • Adhere to the recommended Python programming styles
  • Organise and present a data analysis report

ICT702 Task 2

Give an insightful analysis of the given problem.

Task 2 is broken into two parts (each worth 20% of the course):

Ordering System

In this first part of Task 2, you should write a Python script for the iced tea ordering system. Your program must store the prices of the individual items (crusts, cheeses and toppings). Specifically, the program should do the following:

2 Iced Tea trends

In this second part of Task 2, you should write a Python script that reads and analyses the pizza data file (Weekly_Sales.csv) and merge it with the store details file (StoreDetails.csv) and region file (Region.csv) to produce at least FOUR useful graphs that give insight into the iced tea sales trends.

For example, here are some suggestions:

  1. Due Friday Week 9 Use Python to create an ordering system for Chill Chai.
  2. Due Friday Week 12 Use Python to read and analyse the iced tea weekly sales data and generate various useful graphs that give insight into the trends which is presented in a brief report to the client.
    • At the start, the program should ask for the customer’s name to personalise and track the order and then get the number of iced teas from the customer.
    • For each iced tea, the crust type, cheese amount, cheese style, number and type of toppings should be taken from the customer.
    • At the end the program should display the itemised order with the total price.
    • The program should be able to handle invalid entries inputted (such as incorrect crust type, or invalid number of toppings)
    • show the change in iced tea sales over the period 2010 to 2012
    • compare the trends of all stores in a given year.
    • compare sales against the different store details (i.e. temperature and unemployment) to see what the relationship between them is (data from StoreDetails.csv).
    • compare sales in the five different regions (using the data from the Region.csv to group the stores).

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ICT702 Python TASK 2 Data Wrangling