ICT710 ICT Professional Practice & Ethics

ICT710 ICT Professional Practice & Ethics


ICT710 ICT Professional Practice & Ethics

Assessment No: 1

ICT710|ICT Professional Practice & Ethics

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ICT710 ICT Professional Practice & Ethics


Assignment Requirements and Deliverables You need to choose an organization which has undergone a digital disruption and then write a report (1500 words) outlining the changes that have occurred in the organization using a work centred analysis approach.

In the report you will need to provide an assessment of the effect of a digital disruption event in the organisation that you choose, provide recommendations on how to handle the event and provide an implementation plan for your recommendations.

For problem identification and assessment, two matrices will be required,

1) A work centred analysis (WCA) of the company of your choosing prior to a digital disruption event. A retrospective analysis and all assumptions should be included due to the lack of relevant information. 2) The second matrix will be another WCA of the same company after the digital disruption event.

You need to research the organization to provide input into your report.

This report should include the following details in the main body and appendix of the report. Please note standard report structure including an executive summary, introduction and conclusions in addition to the main body must be adhered to.

  • Framework for analysis
    • Fill in one WCA framework for before the digital disruption event and another for after the event in an appendix (Appendix A) (this is not included in the word count)
  • Assessment of the effect of digital disruption
    • Based on your comparative analysis of both WCA framework matrices that you have recorded in Appendix A, provide an assessment of the effect of digital disruption on the business. o Your assessment must be supported by concepts and other material from the literature (text, readings, etc.).
  • Recommendations
    • Provide recommendations on how your case can better handle digital disruption. o You must convince management to adopt your recommendations (i.e. ‘sell’ them to management).
  • Implementation Plan
    • Your plan for implementing a process that will reduce the adverse effects of digital disruption (this could include staff training etc.). o Again, you must convince management to adopt your implementation plan (i.e. ‘sell’ it to them).

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