CSU-ITC504 ICT Interface Design Evaluation Usability Item- 3

Charles Sturt University

ITC504 Design Evaluation Information technology

Assessment No: 3

ITC504|Information technology

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ITC504 Design Evaluation Information technology

ITC504 Design Evaluation Information technology Design Evaluation


  • You are required to evaluate a design for usability issues. You can use either the Neilsen & Molich (https://www.nngroup.com/articles/ten-usability-heuristics/) or Budd (http://www.andybudd.com/archives/2007/01/ heuristics_for_modern_web_application_development/) heuristics for the usability evaluation. The design will be provided to you by the Subject Coordinator.
  • In your Team Forum, create a thread titled Assignment 3 Evaluation Decisions. In that thread, discuss and indicate the reasoning behind your evaluation decisions. This reasoning must demonstrate input from each member of the team. The team leader should then prepare a PDF file showing the team's discussion as follows:
    • Click on the thread Assignment 3 Evaluation Decisions.
    • Click Select ALL.
    • Click PRINT PREVIEW.
    • Print to PDF file. Save this file as TeamName_Assign3_Evaluation_Discussion.pdf (replace TeamName with your team's name).
    • Upload the PDF file to your team's File Exchange area.
  • Prepare an report which details:
    • The design evaluated;
    • The heuristic or framework being used for the evaluation;
    • Each heading in the heuristic or framework should be listed followed by a discussion of the related issues found on the design. This should include:
    • What the issue is and where is it located (provide a screenshot); (20 marks)
    • Why the issue is a problem, and the reasoning behind your assessment; (20 marks)
    • Whether the issue is a significant or a minor issue; (20 marks)
    • Possible remediation actions that could resolve this issue (provide annotated screenshots). (20 marks)
    • The evaluation decisions will be verified against the Team Forum discussion posts and therefore must be based on the actual team discussion. Save the evaluation report as TeamName_Assign3_Evaluation_Decisions_Report.pdf (replace TeamName with your team's name) in your team's File Exchange area.

    Individual Tasks

    In the Team Forum, each student should submit a collection of their contribution to the thread Assignment 3 Evaluation Decisions. This should be done as follows:

    • In the Forum page, click on Search.
    • In the Search box, enter your full name as it appears in the posts. Click Go.
    • In the Search Results page, click Filter.
    • In the Author drop down box, select your name. Click Go.
    • In the Search Results page, click PRINT PREVIEW.
    • Print to a PDF file. This is the file that you should submit. (20 marks)

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