ITC571 Final Report and Presentation Emerging Technologies And Innovation Assessment and Tutor Proposal

Charles Sturt University

ITC571 Final Report and Presentation Emerging Technologies And Innovation

Assessment No: 4

ITC571|Project Title, Abstract, Blog & Progress Reports

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ITC571  Final Report and Presentation Emerging Technologies And Innovation

Final Report and Presentation


You will be asked to communicate about your project in both written and oral formats:

  • Task 1: Final Report (as PDF and as a Final Post in Project Blog)
  • Task 2: Seminar Presentation

The seminar is an oral, live to class or pre-recorded presentation as advised by your lecturer, as to the best format and presentation logistics for each class.

Submit to EASTS both a cover page with Blog address (or Cloud site access link for big files), the Report and the Seminar presentation file (or cloud site access or Website etc.).

EASTS can accept files sizes up to 200Mb, but if you have issues such as timeout, then use a Cloud site like Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud or Dropbox etc.

The intended audience could be your peers as well as invited guests and academics.

TASK 1 Final Report in the Blog

  • For the written report, this should be a final blog entry to close the project. (NOTE: your local lecturer may suggest an alternative report format)
  • The written report entry can discuss the results, findings, conclusion and lessons learnt from your Project Research Aims and Outcomes.
  • NOTE: the content of the Report should also be a the source for developing the script or outline for the presentation seminar in Step 2.
  • Ensure that the Project Blog Report is your own work and has not been submitted elsewhere and complies with the University's requirements for academic integrity.

TASK 2 Presentation Seminar

  • The time has been deliberately limited to 10 minutes to force you into selecting the most appropriate subset of information to present for this situation and you will be heavily penalised if you take more than 15 minutes.
  • NOTE: If doing a video presentation (MP4 file, YouTube, Vimeo, Voice-over-PowerPoint etc.) then try to halve the time for the online audience e.g. 6 - 10 minutes
  • This seminar will vary according to your study mode and so can be done either/or:
    • live to class of peers - if studying on campus, then question time is not part of the presentation time.
    • pre-recorded video presentation - if studying online mode then technical production of the audio and video is considered in lieu of question time.
    • If you are planning to do a research Masters, Professional Doctorate or a PhD after this course, then one variation for the seminar may be to do a Poster Presentation Seminar#. See details below the line.
  • The seminar should be accompanied by appropriate audio/visual tools such as a set of presentation slides or examples of hardware/software/systems that are necessary for the audience to understand and follow your presentation.
  • On campus students can ask your local supervisor for the date, time you will be presenting.
  • Presenting a seminar also demonstrates that you have understood the project work that has been carried out.

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