ITC595 Multiple Online Quizzes Information Security Assessment and Tutor Proposal

Charles Sturt University

ITC595 Multiple Online Quizzes Information Security

Assessment No: 1

ITC595|Information Security

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ITC595 Multiple Online Quizzes Information Security

Multiple Online Quizzes


There will be 2 online quizzes, worth 5% each. They are available from interact 2 under “Test Centre” and should be completed in the class under lecturer supervision.

The quizzes are designed to assist your learning in the following ways:

  • Ability to schedule your assessments: Each quiz is available for one weeks. You may complete it at any time within this window. This allows you to schedule and negotiate your planned assessment submission dates in response to your individual circumstances.
  • Generous completion time: Once you begin a task, you will have 1 hour to complete it. You should be able to complete the task in much less time. Once the 1 hour has passed, the quiz will automatically close and the attempt will be automatically submitted. Force completion is off – meaning that if you accidentally close your browser, your quiz is not submitted and you can resume from the last saved question. The timer continues while the browser is closed.
  • Feedback: Information about what questions you are graded right or wrong is available immediately after completion. From after the due date, full feedback on each question (including what answer is correct). Use this to help learn. Full feedback can be seen by clicking the mark in My Grades or looking at the quiz again.

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