ITC596 Security Policy IT Management Assessment and Tutor Proposal

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ITC596 Security Policy IT management

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ITC596|IT Management

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ITC596 Security Policy IT Management

Security Policy


You have been employed by Challenger Constructions as their first ever Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). You have been tasked by the Board to conduct a review of the company’s risks and start to deploy security policies to protect their data and resources.

  • Write a policy to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of Challenger Constructions data. In your policy you must:
    • Define the intent and rationale of the policy,
    • Define the scope of the policy i.e. who and what it effects,
    • Define the responsibilities of individuals affected by the policy, including those responsible for enforcing the policy, as well as those who are affected by the policy,
    • Include the mandatory requirements for the rules or actions that you think are reasonable to place into this policy to meet its intent and rationale,
    • Include any exemptions that you think are reasonable to place into this policy to meet its intent and rationale,
    • Define any terms which are used throughout the policy in a Glossary.

    Your Data policy should include the following headings:

    • Brief Overview
    • Policy Purpose and Rationale
    • Policy Scope
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Mandatory Requirements
    • Exemptions
    • Glossary

    You are required to provide references in your policy in IEEE format.

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