ITECH 7415 – MTECH PROJECT Task 4 - Sprint Retrospective

Assessment Task 4 - Sprint Retrospective

Federation University

ITECH 7415 – MTECH PROJECT Assessment Task 4 - Sprint Retrospective

Assessment No: 4

ITECH 741|MTECH Project

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ITECH 7415 – MTECH PROJECT Task 4 - Sprint Retrospective


At the end of each sprint, every student is expected to submit a retrospective in his/her individual Mahara ePortfolio page created for the project. The retrospective should be a video recording (no more than 5 minutes) embedded as a media file in the portfolio. Students are welcome to attach documents to support retrospectives.

Reflections are expected to cover both team and individual components of the project:

Team Component (1 Mark)

This is a summary of what happened in a Sprint. For example:

  • The date the Sprint started and the date it ended
  • Who was in the team (including how many hours each person worked)
  • Which user stories were in the Sprint Backlog (including their estimate and whether they were completed by the end of the Sprint
  • Evidence of work done in the Sprint

Individual Component (1 Mark)

Individual component should include personal tasks and learning during the Sprint and should provide answers to the following questions:

  • What did I accomplish in the past sprint?
  • How did I apply stream specific knowledge to my project?
  • What did I learn from in the past sprint?
  • What could have gone better in the sprint?

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