Laureate University MIS604 Requirement Specification

Laureate University

Requirement Specification

Assessment No: 2

MIS604|Requirement Specification

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Laureate University MIS604 Requirement Specification

Choose a process in the proposed app and Draw a Swimlane diagram for that process


The case

ABC Pty Ltd is a start-up tech company (the ‘Company’) based in Sydney Australia. They are currently seeking to develop a mobile app or a web application (collectively called an ‘app’), which provide on- demand trades & handyman services to their customers. The objective of the app is to connect tradesmen and customers. ABC envisioned that this app will provide a strong revenue stream to the company and other business opportunities from a wide handyman network.

The founder of the Company has envisaged an app that enable customers to find trustworthy tradesmen to get the job done; it is also a platform for tradespersons to find jobs and earn an extra income stream. Typical jobs posted on the platform should include home cleaning, heating and cooling system services, gardening, airport pick up & delivery, IKEA furniture assembly, garbage removal,plumbing, and other tradesmen & handyman jobs. The founder also provided the following very high- level and rough ideas for the app:

For customers, they can post job(s) on the app, browse through tradespersons’ profile, and contact them through the in-app instant messenger.

For tradespersons, they can put up a profile on the app, browse through jobs available, and contact customers through the in-app instance messenger.

Once the job is completed, payment can be made securely through the app. The customer will also have the opportunity to rate and review the tradesperson.

ABC wants to push this app to the market in the next six months and have secured an investment for this app.

ABC has engaged you as the requirements analyst in this project.

Assessment tasks

Document a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) for the proposed app. Your submission must, as a minimum, contain the following:

Title page: Subject code and name, assessment number, report title, assessment due date, word count (actual), student name, student ID, Torrens email address, campus learning facilitator, and Subject coordinator.

Table of Contents (ToC): should list the report topics using decimal notation. Need to include the main headings and subheadings with corresponding page numbers, using a format that makes the hierarchy of topics clear. Because you are including a ToC the report pages should be numbered in the footer as follows: title page has no page number; and main text to have Arabic numerals commencing at 1. Create the ToC using MS Word’s ToC auto-generator rather than manually typing out the ToC. Instructions can be found here a-table-of-contents- or-update-a-table-of-contents-eb275189-b93e-4559-8dd9-c279457bfd72# create_a_table.

  1. Introduction (3 marks)

    1. Purpose (1 mark)

    2. Document conventions (1 mark)

    3. Project Scope (1 mark)

  2. Overall description (5 marks)

    1. Product perspective (1 mark)

    2. User classes and characteristics (1 mark)

    3. Operating environment (1 mark)

    4. Design and implementation constraints (1 mark)

    5. Assumptions and dependencies (1 mark)

  3. System features (16 marks)

    1. Use case diagram (4 mark). Note you will need to make a decision as to whether a “flat” use case diagram should be included, or a hierarchical organisation of use case diagrams should be included.

    2. Specification for selected use cases (3 mark). Select 1 use case and document a detailed specification for the selected use case. The Use case must include the following elements as a minimum

    3. Swimlane diagram (3 mark). Choose a process in the proposed app. Draw a Swimlane diagram for that process.

    4. State-transition diagram (3 mark). Draw a state-transition diagram for a customer job request in the proposed app. A job request is referring to a request initiated by the customer, e.g. “fix water tap leak”. Examine the various states such a request may be moved through.

    5. Dialog map (3 mark). Choose a use case other than the ones in 3.2. Draw a dialog map for that use case.

  4. External interface requirements (8 marks)

    1. User interfaces (4 mark). Including:

      1. References to user interface standards or product line style guides that are to be followed

      2. Standards for fonts, icons, button labels, images, colour schemes, field tabbing sequences, commonly used controls, branding graphics, copyright and privacy notices, and the like

      3. Screen size, layout, or resolution constraints

      4. Standard buttons, functions, or navigation links that will appear on every screen, such as a help button

      5. Shortcut key

      6. Message display and phrasing conventions

      7. Data validation guidelines (such as input value restrictions and when to validate field contents)

      8. Layout standards to facilitate software localization

      9. Accommodations for users who are visually impaired, colour blind, or have other limitations

    2. Software interfaces (2 mark)
    3. Hardware interfaces (2 mark)
  5. Quality attributes (4 marks)

    1. Usability
    2. Performance
    3. Security

5.X [any other quality attributes, e.g. reliability, you deem relevant]

  1. Reference list (4 marks)

  2. Appendices if necessary.

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TUTOR PROPOSAL FOR : MIS604|Requirement Specification

MIS604 Requirement Engineering

MIS604 Requirement Engineering assessment is about the ‘Abc pty ltd’ company situated in Australia and want to design the mobile apps in such a way that provides handyman services to customers. For this, I will provide an effective plan in stepwise manner so that proposed apps will provide number of benefits to customers along with the tradesmen.

In given assessment, I will provide my ideas to design web applications along with the formatted hierarchy in simple manner. For this, I will follow up the various steps to deeply insight the projects protocol. These steps are given below:

  1. The initiation step which I will follow is to introduce the report topic by including the headings, sub-headings about mobile apps characteristics and how these apps would be useful for customers. After this, I will broadly explain the purpose of proposed apps in which I will add some points like how customers and tradespersons can post jobs or view profiles on the apps which will be followed by the document conventions that contains Software Requirements Specification (SRS) for providing the manual description of project. In addition to it, I will highlight the scope of project along with functional and non-functional requirements as well as software and hardware requirements.
  2. After this step, I will demonstrate the overall description of project which will include product perspective like scope, complexity. I will mention about user characteristics, operating environment, design and implementation constraints which will be based on specific interface protocol. In addition to it, I will formulate the various assumptions and dependencies to propose significant web applications.
  3. Further, I will explain the features of proposed system like secure payment, jobs available updates, fast contact with tradesperson and many more. Beside it, I will demonstrate the hierarchical diagram to illustrate the logical modules and hierarchy design of proposed web app.
  4. Another step I will follow to provide specification to selected hierarchical architecture with details of preconditions, post-conditions, normal and alternative flow of the web architecture. And, I will choose a swimlane and state transition diagram to provide clarity of processes and behavior of systems. I have also chosen a dialog map for these diagrams to identify issue-based information system with a intention to eliminate the errors or inaccuracy within web apps.
  5. In next step, I will document detailed description of the external interface requirements along with user, hardware, software interfaces in context to make web application responsive and modern. I will document the standards for icons, labels, images, fonts, screen size, layout, along with product line styles. Also, I will mention certain guidelines for data validation, short cut keys, navigation links, message display design, branding graphics, resolution constraints and so on.
  6. Beside it, next I will provide quality attributes in terms of usability, performance and security of software. Apart from it, I will consider reliability, adequacy, learnability, robustness, readability and many more attributes for the development of efficient web applications in a company.

These all steps I will follow to establish mobile applications to provide customers on-demand and handyman services in context to enhance the customers and tradesmen in “Abc” company.