London metropolitan university SM5015 RWD Assessment Item 1

London metropolitan university

Responsive Web Design

Assessment No: 1

SM5015|Responsive Web Design

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London metropolitan university SM5015 RWD

Development of the 5 elements of UX and user experience testing to inform design approaches


Based on Garrett’s five planes of The Elements of the User Experience, you have to produce a minimum of 2500 word project developing the pre-production of a website for a non-profit organisation, for example a campaign promoting a cause you feel very strongly about.

The subject can be based on a real activity or can be fictitious.

The website should be responsive and entirely original. It should be, innovative, creative and appropriate to the site objectives and user needs.

Your website should NOT use any content from an existing website.

ALL content in your folder/documentation must be acknowledged for source, both any content you may use for inspiration or example, AND your own content, eg images or fonts.

The final project should be produced in a PDF format and should contain the following:

  • Introduction and development of your idea
  • Analysis of two websites that inspired you
  • Development of the 5 elements of UX 
  • A bibliography

This must conform to the brief as published in CW 2

Potential things to include:

  • Screenshots of other websites that inspire design and approach
  • Sketches of ideas
  • Wireframes
  • Design composites
  • Style guide
  • Possible user experience testing to inform design approaches

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TUTOR PROPOSAL FOR : SM5015|Responsive Web Design

SM5015 Responsive Web Design Assessment item 1 is about the development of pre-production of the website mainly for the non- profit organization, example a campaign is promoting the cause as per the feeling of an individual. In order to start this assessment task, I could select a real or fictitious company and the website which is to be developed for the selected organization will be responsible and original in all aspects. I will develop an innovation and creative website that will also be appropriate to the objectives of the site as well as requirements of the users, which means that the website will be responsive in all aspects. It means that there is a need to develop a website by considering RWD (Responsive Website development) concept.

A responsive website is a website that has been designed in order to respond or adapt, on the basis of technology as well as type of computing device, which is used by the visitor in order to display that particular site. Responsive web design is responsive to ensure the visitors to particular site have a similar user experience, which is independent of the device size used to access or view the website. RWD (responsive web design) enables the designers for creating once as well as publish the similar content everywhere for all the mobile devices. The main components of the responsive website include flexible layouts, media queries and flexible media.

In SM5015 Responsive Web Design Assessment item 1, I will develop a website different from other existing websites in which no content would be copied. Along with this, I will also prepare a proper report on the website which is to be developed in this assessment. The main sections that I would cover for preparing a report on responsive web design are as follows:

  • Introduction and development of idea: This is the initial section of the report in which I will provide the introduction about the company for which the website has to be developed. Along with this, I will also discuss about the development of idea that what techniques, methods, strategies would be applied for the development of a website and make it responsive in all aspects. This is the main section of the report in which the introduction to company as well as entire project will be given in a clear manner.
  • Analysis of two websites: In this section of the report, I will discuss about two different websites that inspired me to develop a website. In this, I will also discuss about the features of the website in terms of design, attractiveness and other various aspects.
  • Development of the 5 elements of UX: UX (User experience) design refers to the process that the teams use for creating the products in order to provide the relevant and meaningful experience to the users. Five elements related to UX design mainly include scope, strategy, structure, skeleton and surface that provide the conceptual framework in order to talk about the problems in terms of user experience as well as tools used for resolving these problems while designing the website.
  • ` At the end of the report, I will write the bibliography to elaborate the main concepts related to RWD.