MAA716 assignment 2 consolidation Assessment and Tutor Proposal

MAA716 assignment 2 consolidation

Deakin University Australia

Financial accounting

Assessment No: 2

MAA716|Financial accounting

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MAA716 assignment 2 consolidation


Description / Requirements

An excel workbook with the following six (6) sheets:

  • Sheet 1: Instructions
  • Sheet 2: Background Information
  • Sheet 3: Consolidated Journal Entries
  • Sheet 4: Consolidated Worksheet e. Sheet
  • Consolidated Income Statement f. Sheet
  • Consolidated Balance Sheet

Before you start the assignment, you must read the detailed instructions contained in the “Instructions” sheet (Sheet 1) carefully. Then enter your 9-digit Deakin student ID in the “Background information” sheet (cell B3 as shown below, Sheet 2) as each student will be given a different set of information depending on their unique student ID:

Failure to do so will result in a zero mark. You must use the excel workbook provided in answering and submitting your answers. Other formats will not be accepted. (Maximum 1,000 words)

Additional Task – Survey (No mark will be assigned.) (GLO6)

Write approximately 500 words reflecting on:

  • Whether you review the feedback you have received on past assessment tasks or focus only on the mark/grade achieved.
  • How you have used feedback on assessment tasks to improve your performance in subsequent assessment tasks, including exams
  • Whether you use feedback given by your lecturer in seminars to improve your performance on accounting tasks
  • . Whether you believe you could take further actions to improve your use of feedback provided on assessment tasks and in seminars.

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MAA716 assignment 2 consolidation