MBA404 Individual Report Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology

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MBA404 Individual Report Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology

Assessment No: 3

MBA404|Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology

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MBA404 Individual Report Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology

Individual Report


This assessment is a culmination piece, in which you will be given an opportunity to combine the information you have accumulated in Assessments 1 and 2. More importantly, you will need to showcase an understanding of marketing issues related to consumer behaviours such as attitudes, group influences, culture, social class, consumer learning processes, and personal buying decision-making processes.

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TUTOR PROPOSAL FOR : MBA404|MBA404 Individual Report Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology

The given report will present the view on consumer behaviour while taking any decision related to purchasing of a product or service. It will explain how the customers get information related to the product or service and make their decision to purchase it. The report will be divided into several parts which will be explained below in order to provide insight on how to successfully complete this assessment.

In the first part, there will be brief summary of the report in order to cover all the findings of the given report. It will help in understanding the doings in the report so as to understand the whole concept of the report. However, it may be noted that the summary is always written at the end of the report in order to cover all the findings.

In the second part of the assessment, an overview of the selected product or service in the last assessment will be provided. It will cover the feature of the product or service, its manufacturing, the company under which it is manufactured, areas of distribution etc. Further, the market performance of the product will also be explained in terms of popularity, sales, positioning against competitors or with the help of any other parameters.

After analysing the market performance of the product, there will be explanation on various modes of communication modes used by the company in order to promote its product in the market and to create awareness among the customers. This part of assessment will provide a detailed discussion on each and every platform used by company for its product promotion along with evidences. To illustrate, if it is written that company promote product through sales promotion, then provide information relates to discounts or other coupons provided by company on its product. Thus, each mode of communication will be attached with accurate evidences to make them more reliable. It may be noted that while providing discussion related to communication modes, there is need to consider the attitudes, culture, decision making processes and social class etc. of the customers.

After presenting the modes of communication used by company, there will be comparison of sources mentioned in this assessment with the sources mentioned in previous assessments. In this section, there will be discussion of any kind of misalignments related to these communication modes. To illustrate, the company may use social media as the major promotional tool but the customers used to get most of the information from television or newspapers. It will help to know the major problems in the communication strategy of the company and will lead to the solution of the same.

In the last section, there will be discussion on strategic recommendation to be provided to the company so that it can align its communication strategy in such a way that its growth can be assured. We need to provide three such recommendations which will be based on the issues raised in the previous section.

Thus, this assessment will help to now the importance of promotional activities by the company so that customer awareness can be created for business growth.