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Assessment 2 - Individual Report

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MBA600 Capstone Project Assessment 2 - Individual Report

Assessment No: 2


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Tutor Proposal for MBA600 Capstone Project


Assessment Description

Using the organisation chosen for Assessment 1, students are to apply their learnings from the capstone topics and apply them to the organisation by undertaking additional research.

Again, assuming the role of an organisational consultant, students are to write a report that clearly articulates the organisations strategy and business model and outlines in detail the approach to operations, product and marketing (week 3) as well as innovation and growth (week 4). Attention should also be paid to the use of research and insights (week 7) and strategic implementation and change (week 8).

Findings should be presented in a report of 2,000 words (+/-10%). Areas covered should include:

  • An executive summary.
  • An introduction that summarises the purpose of the report.
  • A summary of the organisation's strategy.
  • A specific outline of how the organisation undertakes; operations, marketing, product development, innovation, growth, change, strategic,implementation.
  • A summary of recommendations that identify areas of focus and opportunity to enhance the organisations performance in the future.
  • A conclusion.
  • References.

Students are encouraged to use a wide variety of information sources that include, where possible, primary research such as interviews with staff or executive members within their chosen organisation as well as use of an appropriate mix of strategic and business analysis tools and references.

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