Essay: ME7712(B) Engineering Projects & Risk Management

ME7712(B) Engineering Projects and Risk Management

Kingston University London

ME7712(B) Engineering Projects and Risk Management Essay assignment

Assessment No: 1

ME7712(B)|Engineering Projects and Risk Management

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ME7712(B) Engineering Projects and Risk Management Essay assignment


There are two approaches you may consider using

  • either discuss the project as a whole, or
  • identify a specific failure within that project.

Where appropriate, explore the current weaknesses within the operation functions, and how they can be made more efficient by implementing the change management techniques.

Part.A - Change Management General Overview

Evaluate the calibre of any change management techniques employed so far on the project. And highlight the key weaknesses on this project?

Can you project manage the overall process differently? Establish an A-K-D-A-R structured format in detail to implement your own proposed change management strategy.

Part.B - Project Management and Planning

Given the verbal information provided by the Head of Housing and Community Safety, develop from scratch a one-page project plan using the PDCA + A3 application technique (as if the project had not commenced).

Your PDCA chart should clearly indicate the critical; key success factors, detailed cause analysis, clear tasks, tangible activities and implementation plan. Also propose A Go-Live date for your change management plan, while ignoring the progress and resources at this point.

Part.C - Engineering Change, Cost Management and Budget Creation

Update your proposed strategy plan with the progress of implementation provided. Using this information, extrapolate forward with effect from your proposed Go-Live date, and establish a clear working program, step-by-step activity to assess the chances of the project being able to meet all targets outlined.

Assuming that the project had run perfectly to the schedule outlined, with all contract personnel working as defined on the tasks indicated as given on the RESULTS. Now you need to generate an overall budget plan for the project. And Design new department structure of your own judgment, to improve system performance, overall efficiency in percentages, and reduce cost. You are allowed to nominate new contract staff, and any required additional tools, such as, new PC hardware, software, technologies to achieve your action plan targets.

Part.D – Overall Quality Of The Report

Overall quality of the report, Structure, Content, Tables

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