MG3009 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Ventures

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Group and Individual

Assessment No: 1

MG3009|Entrepreneurship and Small Business Ventures

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MG3009 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Ventures

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Ventures


Main Objective of the assessment

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the theories surrounding SME development/growth/survival and how they relate to the wider environment of business support and economic development.
  2. Develop and evaluate business plans taking into account issues such as time management, communication, leadership, team management (including co-ordination and delegation), and presentation skills.

Description of the Assessment

Assessment I:

Business Plan: 30%, 3000 words (+/- 10%) excluding references

You are required to provide a comprehensive business plan for a new start-up venture based in the UK, focusing on a new product or service to be sold mainly in the UK market, produced on a group basis (max. 6, min. 2 people).

Assessment II:

Individual Essay: 70%, 2000 words (+/- 10%) excluding references

You are required to outline your personal reflection and evaluation of the whole experience through business plan development and the learning from lectures by answering the following three questions:

  • What is the biggest challenge you (not your team) encountered when engaging in the team work for developing the business plan, how did you overcome it? How could this experience improve your future contribution to team work?
  • Please pick up one or two lecture topics on different aspects of entrepreneurship (particularly in term 2), read widely on the theories/frameworks related to the topic (s), and illustrate how these theories/frameworks help improve your understanding of entrepreneurship? Please explain in detail by providing evidence from your own experience in developing the business plan or running your own/family businesses, or examples of other successful entrepreneurs.
  • Evaluate yourself and illustrate, to what extent, you are a potential entrepreneur, and why?

Please enter here the marking scheme relevant for the coursework and provide an illustration of each assessment criterion achieved at each of the grade descriptor for UG/PG levels.

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MG3009 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Ventures