MgMT20144 Presentation and Written Assessment and Tutor Proposal


MgMT20144 Assessment Item 2

Assessment No: 2

MgMT20144|Group led presentation and written essay

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MgMT20144 Presentation and Written

Presentation and written assessment


Presentation and written assessment

This assessment item accounts for 30% of your final grade for this unit and must be completed by students as a group. This assessment consists of two parts:

  • An essay addressing your chosen topic (15%);
  • An in-class presentation (15%).


The essay ought to be 2000 words (+/-10%) in length. Format and layout in professional manner ( i.e. 1.5 spacing, 12-size font, Times New Roman). Assessment cover page included. The presentation is 20 minutes long+5 minutes of Q&A from the audience.

Task Description

In 1998 George Soros made the following statement in an article on globalisation:

"A global economy is characterized not only by the free movement of goods and services but, more important, by the free movement of ideas and of capital." George Soros

In the last decade, the business environment has become more polarised and uncertain. With this in mind, select ONE organisation and critically investigate how they are transforming their operations (if at all) to cater for changes in the global environment. Use ONE of the topics from Weeks 7-9 as the framework for your investigation:

  • Knowledge Management, Technology and eCommerce
  • Regionalisation and Globalisation
  • Cross-cultural Issues, Diversity and International Management
  • At the end of your presentation please provide a brief set of solutions for the company, highlighting the risks that they face and the environmental factors that may impinge on their decision making.

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MgMT20144 Presentation and written assessment