MGT501 Contemporary Management Case analysis business report

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MGT501 Contemporary Management Case analysis business report

Assessment No: 2

MGT501|Contemporary Management

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MGT501 Contemporary Management Case analysis business report

Assessment item 2- Case analysis business report


In the contemporary management environment, mergers and acquisitions are hot topics; particularly as mergers and acquisitions are among the most commonly used strategies for growth. The pitfalls of mergers are well known and well-studied in the management literature.

Yet, there are some fundamental challenges that organisations keep stumbling over. One of them is integration. Preoccupation with due diligence and political factors surrounding merger negotiations too often leaves a crucial piece in the merger puzzle left till it is too late – integration of cultures and structures and people. It is well known today that poor results from mergers can so often be put down to people issues.

In this major assessment you are asked to analyse the following case and answer the questions below using a business report format. Further detail on the format of the business report are provided below.

Case study: Who goes, Who stays?

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Using the knowledge that you have gained from the subject up to and including Topic 9, Managing people, answer the following questions.

  • Identify and explore the potentially conflicting values in the case using relevant management theory and concepts. Contextualise your answer with reference to literature on integration problems in mergers and acquisitions, with specific reference to people issues. (Maximum 400 words)
  • Using theory and concepts from mergers and integration studies and with particular reference to structure and senior management, evaluate the process that is being applied to work out the details of the integration. Ground your answer in evidence regarding people and culture issues. (Maximum 700 words)
  • Make specific recommendations on how these issues of conflicting values can be resolved. (Maximum 500 words)
  • What process should the two senior executives and their HR teams follow to work through the detailed integration of the top management structure? (Maximum 500 words)
  • Critique the usefulness or otherwise of the management and organisational theories and practices from this subject that you have applied in analysing this case. (Maximum 400 words).

Beyond the resources provided in the topics, you will need to source and use additional literature to support your argument. At least 10 academic and professional references must be used. At least five of these sources must be from academic studies.

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