MGT510 Strategic Management Strategy choice or implementation report

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MGT510 Strategic Management Strategy choice or implementation report

Assessment No: 3

MGT510|Strategic Management

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MGT510 Strategic Management Strategy choice or implementation report

Assessment item 3-Strategy choice or implementation report


By fully utilizing theoretical concepts and sourcing at least ten current scholarly resources, complete either 1 or 2 below:

  • 1. Discuss and evaluate a major strategic decision made by your company (or a company or organisation that you are familiar with) in the past five years.
    • In the light of your review, do you think that the company acted strategically?
    • Evaluate the suitability of the current strategy. If the current strategy is not suitable, please recommend no more than two alternative strategic initiatives and justify your recommendations.
  • OR
  • It is often noted that implementation is the most difficult aspect of strategic management. With reference to your organisation, how might this be the case?
    • Discuss strategy implementation issues in the organisation.
    • Analysis and critique of the benefits and limitations of strategy implementation in the organisation.
    • Analysis of why implementation might be the most difficult part of the strategic management process in the organisation.
    • Recommendations on how strategy implementation could be enhanced.

In this assignment, you are required to write a 2500 word Report. This includes a 200 word executive summary, but excludes references and appendix.

You have an option of completing this assignment either individual or in a group of maximum 3 people.

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