MITS5003 Network Project Management Individual case study

MITS5003 Network Project Management

Melbourne Institute of Technology

MITS5003 Network Project Management Individual case study

Assessment No: 1

MITS5003|Network Project Management

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Introduction (from source the)

Recognizing the value of a community focused on project practice capability and how such a community could help improve the performance of departments across the U.S. federal government, the leaders of the Federal Project Management Community of Practice (FedPM CoP) provide the opportunity for program and project managers to share information and avoid reinventing the wheel. This bottom-up approach demonstrates the high level of interest and commitment of federal employees and embedded contractors in building their program and project management skills, capabilities, and network. The approach also recognizes that talented program and project managers across government have important “know-how” and lessons learned that can be harnessed to help other program/project professionals improve performance. Even though the FedPM CoP has been in existence for only a short time, the response to the availability of this community has been very positive, with significant participation across agencies and recognition from federal policymakers.

Assignment task

  • Download the complete document from /media/pmi/documents/public/pdf/case-study/pmiaa-fedpmcop-case-study.pdf
  • Write a report using the headings given in Table 1.
  • Use 5- 10 key peer reviewed sources for your analysis (a combination of journals, conference papers, website or any other reliable source to support your analysis).

Table 1: Report headings, description, marks and deadline for each

Heading Description Part-A marks Part-B marks Submit by
Executive Summary Give an executive summary that gives a big picture of the issues presented. 5   Week-3
Community ofpractice Explain the purpose of a Community of Practice (CoP). 5   Week-3
Federal Project Management CoP (FedPMCoP) Describe the Federal Project Management Community of Practice (FedPM CoP) and how it is expected to improve the execution of projects. 5   Week-7
Running a successful CoP Explain how this CoP should be run to get the maximum benefit from it. 5     Week-7
5. Ethical issues Research and describe the Ethical issues in that can crop up in this CoP?   5 Week-7
References List all references and give in-text referencing using IEEE style.   3 Week-7
Response to the feedback Write a short paragraph on how the feedback from Part A has been incorporated thereby improving the overall report in Part B.   2 Week-7

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