MITS5003 Wireless Networks & Communication Case study Assessment and

MITS5003 Wireless Networks & Communication

Victorian Institute of Technology(VIT)

MITS5003 Wireless Networks & Communication Case study

Assessment No: 1

MITS5003|Wireless Networks & Communication

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MITS5003 Wireless Networks & Communication Case study


A Wireless network Infrastructure design for enterprise network: A request for proposal (RFP) to design a new Wireless Local Area Network LAN and Backbone wide area network (WAN) network design report.

  • Task -a) Project requirements brief can be derived from Objectives and Scope of Work section of the RFP. A requirement brief is usually an itemized list of the client’s requirements derived from the RFP.
  • Task -b) Wireless LAN design for a typical floor, which includes the following information:-
    • Wireless computer desktop layout plan with network topology for a typical floor level.
    • Wireless Access Point location on a typical floor, vertical cable paths and lengths between the floors. Switch/Access Point functional specifications. Assume the floor to ceiling height as 3 meters approximately including the false ceiling.
  • Task -c) Recommendation and justification of the structured backbone cabling, Access Point (AP), Switches i.e. distribution layer, building backbone cabling and media type to be used for a typical floor level and for the connection across the road to the existing LAN.
  • Task -d) List of equipment and the wireless specifications, technical and cabling specifications. Note: Specifications/Technical details should be included in the Appendix.
  • Task -e) You need to outline design rules for a computer WLAN & WAN network and describe it in detail. Your description should include:
    • Detailed steps required in the network design process,
    • methods used to form estimates of network performance for each access point taking into account the types of antennae and wireless protocol,
    • An example of a basic sample design showing proposed wireless desktop floor plan, assumptions, justifications and calculations.
    • Assumptions of backbone connectivity using wireless media needs to be reported.
    • Your new design should include IP addressing strategy for both the acquired new buildings

Objectives and Scope of Work

The size of the Melbourne office Wireless LAN would increase/expand from 200 to 1000 stations; after two new 10-storey buildings from across the road have been acquired to accommodate for the additional office space needed to seat increased employees, see Figure 1. The new buildings have not yet been wired for the WLAN. The buildings also needs a WAN to be connected to the existing office network (from across the road).

It is envisaged that the two new building in Melbourne office would support a wireless networked office environment where each of the staff PC would be equipped with desktop high resolution video conferencing, VoIP alongside the usual business applications such as web, email, and regular office productivity packages. It is anticipated that the network traffic generated by each active-user is estimated to vary between 15-20 Mbps. The expected user activity pattern for all new buildings may be seen in Figure 2. The Wired LAN infrastructure needs to be designed, which should support the anticipated peak time data traffic, and in parallel you will design Wireless-LAN to support LAN. The technical report should contain the following three important diagrams to support your report. Diagrams:- For a typical floor of any one building and a typical building you are required to supply the floor plan and for any one building floor-to-floor cross connect of network communication.

  • ( 1 ) A typical floor-plan for any one floor, as all floors are identical and typically same.
  • ( 2 ) Each Building floor switches and Access-point (AP) locations & inter-connections to building, and for each building switch and routers backbone connection diagram with cross-section of a building.
  • ( 3 ) IP addressing strategy, Location of Switches, Routers, Access Points. Focus on optimized design.
  • (4)For the entire network you will be required to provide the WAN connectivity to main head office network diagrams.

Details of structured horizontal floor cabling for desktop computers, Access points & Switches, vertical floor-to-floor cross connect structured vertical cabling diagram for a typical building and WAN connectivity for two new buildings and the Main head office building layout is required. The technical report should include details of WLAN & WAN standards used for structured horizontal cabling, vertical cabling and network topology used should be described.

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