MITS6005 Big Data Information Technology Assessment and Tutor Proposal

MITS6005 Big Data

Victorian Institute of Technology(VIT)

Information Technology

Assessment No: 1

MITS6005|Big Data

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MITS6005 Big Data Information Technology



In this assessment you will have to research a small case study and you will need to apply your knowledge to identify the main issues, prioritise, provide insights and to discuss alternatives. You must write a Case Study Report about your company discussing the strategic plan of an organization. To present a case study based on the selected organization’s current analytics strategy and your recommended strategy. Identify a key business initiative for your organization, something the business is trying to accomplish over the next 9 to 12 months. It might be something like improve customer retention, optimize customer acquisition, reduce customer churn, optimize predictive maintenance, reduce revenue theft, and so on.

Brainstorm and write down what (1) customer, (2) product, and (3) operational insights your organization would like to uncover in order to support the targeted business initiative. Start by capturing the different types of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive questions you'd like to answer about the targeted business initiative. Tip: Don't worry about whether or not you have the data sources you need to derive the insights you want (yet).

Write down data sources that might be useful in uncovering those key insights. Look both internally and externally for interesting data sources that might be useful. Tip: Think outside the box and imagine that you could access any data source in the world. Be analytical within your report and examine key terms and theoretical relationships in depth.

General Instructions

  • Your writing should be clear and concise and be in your own words.
  • The Case Study report should be written in appropriate business language so that your analysis and discussion have an objective tone.
  • Use headings to guide the reader and include tables or diagrams that make the case clearer.
  • The Case Study report must be in the range of 1,500-2,500 words in length excluding references.
  • The referencing style must follow the IEEE referencing style.

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