MKT501 Marketing Management The

Assessment item 2 - The "living" case study

Charles Sturt University

MKT501 Marketing Management The "living" case study

Assessment No: 2

MKT501|Marketing Management

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MKT501 Marketing Management The


Discussion forums

each posts would be max 1000 quality words for topic discussion- looking depth not breadth.

The variable due dates for these three forum posts are:

  • Topic 1: Due March 15
  • Topic 2: Due 5 April

(Also, see the Study Schedule above for the nominated due dates for each topic).

Welcome to the living case study. We believe that interactions with the organisation and community of users in social media will enhance and deepen your understanding of the dynamics of marketing. You will share your experience of interacting with the organisation and other users of the product and then evaluate the relevancy of the theory on the practice and reflect on how your engagement may have impacted on the market.

To complete this task you need to write Two discussion posts:

One post on the topic of CSR and understanding the needs of Stakeholders; and

One post is a review and evaluation of your experiences in collecting data and interacting with a live site through two touch points compared to the experience of your peers.

The discussion forums are divided up by industry sectors to facilitate the conversations and create smaller groups (e.g. not-for-profits are one group). You will be automatically assigned to a group. However, you can choose the organisation you would like to examine from a list of nominated industry/business within each industry category there will be a few suggested organisations - pick an organisation that appeals to you (e.g. Jetstar /Virgin).

Once you know your group and have chosen your organisation, you need to visit the organisation’s official website and join a social media site of the nominated business and where you can find a ‘community of users’- e.g. YouTube/ Twitter/ Facebook.

You need to engage with two market based touch points and you will use these sites to interact with the company on topic in the living case study assessment.

To complete the task you need to:

For the first topic you need to; post on to an organisation’s official and social media site a question related to CSR and their stakeholders and then evaluate the response from the organisation and/or other people in the site (remember that non-response is a response too).

Then You need to write, in our MKT501 i2 discussion forum, Two 1000 word post based a key issue within the nominated topic and your evaluation of the interaction with the organisations/community sites.

For the second topic you need to:

Reads the posts of your fellow students, and then reflect on and then compare your own experience with an experience of one of your fellow students

Write a post in our MKT501 i2 discussion board that analyses the touch points of marketing practice and link the varying experiences as described by your peers to your own experience- drawing out implications and conclusions as part of your reflection

Topic Task opens- you need to post your question to the social media site of your chosen org Final submission date (by midnight) of in our i2 site
Corporate Social Responsibility: Collecting data and marketing to a range of stakeholders March 6 (waiting for responses) A1 (Part 1) due March 15 (i2 Discussion board)
Review of your peers: Choose one other student in your group (who did a different organisation) and reflect on their comments and experiences of marketing practices compared to your own   A1 (Part 2) due April 5 (i2 Discussion board)

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