MN404 Operation system and java programming and Tutor Proposal

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Fundamentals of Operating Systems and Java Programming

Assessment No: 2

MN404|Operation system and java programming

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MN404 Operation system and java programming

Fundamentals of Operating Systems and Java Programming


Assignment 2 Specification

Assignment description:

A website requires the users to input username and password to register. Write a program to check the validity of password input by users.

Following are the criteria for checking the password:

  • At least 1 letter between [a-z]
  • At least 1 number between [0-9]
  • At least 1 letter between [A-Z]/li>
  • At least 1 character from [$#@]
  • Minimum length of transaction password: 6
  • Maximum length of transaction password: 12

Once the validity of the password is checked apply the Caesar cipher encryption method on this password before storing the password. Add all the digits of your data of birth and mod it with 26 and use this number as key to encrypt the message.

Further the encrypted password shall be decrypted and displayed with the password revel option.

The students shall develop a logic to check the validity of a password based on the given criteria. Alongside develop the detailed logic to encrypt and decrypt the password using sum of digits of your date of birth. The logic has to be displayed using a flowchart and an algorithm. Further a program has to be coded to implement the logic. The program has to be interactive to get the password and display appropriate messages when it is not valid.

Generally, in a project you should write a program that contains an introductory docstring. This documentation should describe what the program will do (analysis) and how it will do it (design the program in the form of a pseudocode algorithm). Include suitable prompts for all inputs, and label all outputs appropriately. After you have coded a program, be sure to test it with a reasonable set of legitimate inputs. The assignment report has to include the following sections:

Software Requirements: Include all the requirements here Analysis

Analysis often requires the programmer to learn some things about the problem domain and

what information the user will have to provide. Also it should specify what the program is going to do.

In this case the problem domain would be on the rules/policies to validate the password, to generate the key and use it to encrypt and decrypt as per the algorithm.

The user shall provide a password for validation and also provide the date of birth to generate the key for encryption and decryption.


The design phase has to describe how the program is going to do it. This usually involves writing an algorithm. In fact, algorithms are more often written in a somewhat stylized version of English called pseudocode.

Although there are no precise rules governing the syntax of pseudocode, in your pseudocode you should strive to describe the essential elements of the program in a clear and concise manner. Note that this pseudocode closely resembles Python code, so the transition to the coding step should be straightforward. This phase has to be completed and presented in week 10 lab class.

Implementation Phase:

This phase the complete code in python without any syntax and semantic errors has to be completed. The complete code with proper indentation has to be pasted here along with sample inputs and outputs.


Only thorough testing can build confidence that a program is working correctly. Testing is a deliberate process that requires some planning and discipline on the programmer’s part. It would be much easier to turn the program in after the first successful run to meet a deadline or to move on to the next assignment. But your grade, your job, or people’s lives might be affected by the slipshod testing of software.

Once all the errors are debugged, set of all possible inputs are to be provided. Even though the range of the input numbers on a computer is finite, testing all of the possible combinations of inputs would be impractical. The challenge is to find a smaller set of inputs, called a test suite, from which we can conclude that the program will likely be correct for all inputs. The number and type of input samples have to cover all possible cases of validity checks of the password.

In summary:

The program has to perform the following:

  • Read the password and the date of birth
  • Check the validity of the password based on the given
  • Compute the key using the date of
  • Display both the encrypted and decrypted password

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TUTOR PROPOSAL FOR : MN404|Fundamentals of Operating Systems and Java Programming

MN404 Operation system and java programming