MN502 IT Security Structures and Botnet Networking

MN502 IT Security Structures and Botnet

Melbourne Institute of Technology

MN502 IT Security Structures and Botnet Networking

Assessment No: 1

MN502|IT Security Structures and Botnet

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MN502 IT Security Structures and Botnet Networking


Assignment Description

Assignment 1 is divided into two parts. Part A focuses on the Frameworks and Reference Architectures for implementing security and Part B is about potential threats and mitigation tools for Botnet.

Assignment 1- Part A:

IT Security Frameworks and Reference Architectures The field of information security contains various supporting structures for implementing security. These structures are called industry-standard frameworks and reference architectures. There are several supporting structures available as templates for creating a secure IT environment. These include ISO, NIST, COBIT, ETSI, RFC, and ISA/IEC [1].

For this part of the assignment, write a literature review regarding any five security frameworks/architectures by referring to reputed books, journal and conference articles. The discussion in the report must explain following points with proper in-text citations.

  • How these structures are predominately used? Discuss their strengths and weaknesses
  • Discuss the nature of these architectures categorically a) general b) application specific?
  • Recommend the framework/architecture for small business, school, home, office on the basis of an appropriate selection criterion

Assignment 1- Part B:

Potential threats and mitigation tools for Botnet The security remains a challenge in networked information systems. The ubiquity and increasing popularity of the cyber physical systems have made networked devices a powerful amplifying platform for cyberattacks. These attacks are mainly carried out by using malicious software (Malware). Generally, Malware are classified based on their primary traits. One of the primary traits of Malware is Payload capabilities.


“One of the most popular payload of Malware today is software that will allow the infected computer to be placed under the remote control of an attacker for the purpose of launching attacks. This infected robot computer is called a bot or zombie. When hundreds, thousands, or even millions of bot computers are gathered into a logical computer network, they create a botnet under the control of a bot herder” [1].

For this part of the assignment, write a report including the following sections:

  • Addressing the feedback provided in Part A of the assignment
  • Botnet architecture, operation and communication
  • Potential threats posed by a Botnet
  • Recommendations on any two mitigation techniques/tools to tackle the Botnet attack and discuss the effectiveness of the selected tools.
  • Discussion on one Networked Applications targeted/attacked by Botnet from current literature review.

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