MN503 Network requirement analysis and plan Networking

Network requirement analysis and plan

Melbourne Institute of Technology

MN503 Network requirement analysis and plan

Assessment No: 1

MN503|Network requirement analysis and plan

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MN503 Network requirement analysis and plan Networking


Assignment 1 Overview of Internetworking

A case study entitled “SUPPORTING A WIRELESS CAMPUS AND EDUCATION MISSION” is uploaded with the assignment 1 folder, and the link for the case study is provided in the appendix.

Founded by King Henry VI in 1440, Eton College has been one of the leading independent schools in the U.K. throughout its history. No stranger to innovation, Eton is always looking forward to anticipate new learning demands. As Eton has moved from a completely wired network environment to primarily wireless connectivity, it relies on RivaNET and its Ruckus solutions to keep it at the forefront of education.


  • Deliver reliable wireless coverage in a variety of challenging environments
  • Increase network capacity to support new cloud applications
  • Enable students to use multiple devices on campus
  • Support online and physical security measures

While designing the wired and the wireless network for Eton college campus, please consider Eton College has the 400 Buildings, with all the major facilities and systems, including school-provided desktop computers, laptops, and audio-visual equipment which are connected over the core network. In the past three years, students have increasingly arrived at Eton with multiple devices, such as, at least a laptop, tablet, and smartphone, and they expect a robust wireless network. However, delivering high-quality Wi-Fi across many different environments on campus is challenging. Students and teaching staff need reliable connections in the boarding houses, because each boy has his own room, the number of rooms, walls, and doors make it difficult to deliver uniformly good coverage and high capacity.

Based on your comprehension of the case study analyse the scenario and simulate the the proposed wired and wireless network solution for ETON COLEGE in CISCO packet tracer. The report on the proposed design must have the following contents.

  • Introduction
  • Project scope
  • Challenges and constraints
  • User-centric design concept
  • Approach adopted for the network design
  • Analysis of project hardware requirements
  • Analysis of the network design
  • Results
  • Limitations and further design
  • Conclusion
  • Demonstration of the simulation model in CISCO packet tracer
  • IEEE referencing style

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