MN603 Individual Assignment Wireless Networks and Security Assessment and Tutor Proposal

Melbourne Institute of Technology

MN603 Individual Assignment Wireless Networks and Security

Assessment No: 1

MN603|Wireless Networks and Security

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MN603 Individual Assignment Wireless Networks and Security

Individual Assignment 1


Part A

Routing can optimize network performance such as delivery ratio, delivery delay, and overhead. In other words, routing determines the sequence of transmitting nodes and the number of packets transmitted by each node. Transmitting nodes and the number of their transmissions influence the generated interference.

Routing in wireless sensor networks (WSN) is very challenging due to the inherent characteristics that distinguish these networks from other wireless networks like mobile ad hoc networks or cellular networks. Routing protocols in WSN might differ depending on the application and network architecture. In this assignment, students will investigate on two clustering based protocols, Low- Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH) and Power-Efficient GAthering in Sensor Information System (PEGASIS) in Wirelessnetworks. LEACH and PEGASIS are clustering based protocol to collected data from wireless network.

The students are required to submit a report including technical details on

  • Routing mechanism
  • How these protocols can be used to reduce energy consumption
  • Advantages and limitations of using these protocols in WSNs

Part B

In part B Students are required to continue their investigation on both routing protocol and submit a report covering following aspects of these routing protocols:

  • Highlight Security issues of the routing protocols
  • Discuss the attacks that may happen while operating on these routing protocols
  • How to countermeasure the attacks discussed in 2?
  • Comparative analysis on performance of the routing protocols.

Note: minimum 3 journal papers and 3 conference papers (in IEEE format) must be use in analysis and justifications

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