MNG03217 Positive Leader Presentation

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Leading and managing people

Assessment No: 3

HMNG03217|Leading and managing people

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MNG03217 Positive Leader Presentation

MNG03217 Positive Leader Presentation


Assessment item 3 – Positive Leader Presentation

The following assessment develops Communication and Social Skills Learning Outcome and Graduate Attribute by facilitating students’ knowledge and awareness about how to run an evidence-based intervention targeted at a specific type of employee so as to develop their communication skills in a professional setting.


You are required to develop a powerpoint presentation. The powerpoint presentation must be supported by in text citations and a reference list on the final page. It should show how one small part of the Positive leader theory can be turned into a skill development exercise useful in the workplace.

You must prepare a presentation in a .ppt slide show in accordance with the guidelines and upload this file to Turnitin prior to the deadline. You must also stand up in your class in person and deliver your presentation in class in Week 11 or 12 or 13.

In either Week 11 or 12 or 13 tutorials each student delivers their presentation in person. After the presentation, the Tutor facilitates a 10 min QnA session inviting students in the audience to also ask questions to elicit deeper knowledge of any particular aspect of the presentation or the course material.

Students MUST upload a .ppt to Turnitin with 8-12 slide. No voice over, no recording. Just a standard ppt for a presentation of roughly 10 min, in accordance with the assessment guidelines and marking criteria. Also, if you want to ensure that we can grade your presentation effectively then you may consider including notes in the relevant section of the ppt as well, that way if there is any doubt about the content on the slides we can also review the notes. This is optional - but I encourage it.

Tutors will access these submissions and use them as a basis for assessing the live delivery of your presentation in class. Tutors will allocate 6 of the 8 marks for “Presentation” towards the actual live delivery of the presentation and the QnA. Please note that you MUST upload your Powerpoint slides through Turnitin.

Chose one topic

  • Identify one of characteristics of being a positive leader and develop a presentation about one strategy that a positive leader could use to improve the productivity and wellbeing of one type of employee such as:
    • emotional labour (such as nurses or carers) or
    • first response employees (such as police officers/ soldiers) or
    • different types of professionals (such as engineers) or
    • a specific generational cohort or any other type of employee.

The presentation must include different types of skill development exercises aimed at demonstrating the impact of each strategy.

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MNG03217 Positive Leader Presentation