MP4704 Maintenance Management Strategy Presentations


MP4704 Maintenance Management Strategy Presentations

Assessment No: 1

MP 4704|Management strategy

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MP4704 Maintenance Management Strategy Presentations

Assignment 1 - Presentations



The Presentation is an opportunity for you to present selected aspects of the technical content of the course. Assessment is focused on the Presentation Preparation and Delivery as well as Content, and contributes 40% to the module mark You are expected to address the Learning Outcomes shown.

Learning outcomes met in the module (some not all assessed)

  • Demonstrate ability to apply and contrast theoretical knowledge of maintenance management.
  • Apply knowledge of Reliability Centered Maintenance analysis on equipment (Investigate how equipment operates and critically evaluate the equipment and come up with an improvement plan).
  • Evaluate the importance of Total Productive Maintenance and Reliability Centered Maintenance strategies and how they are implemented in industrial plant.
  • Demonstrate the ability to follow the key steps which must be taken to implement the recommendations arising from Reliability Centered Maintenance, Total Productive Maintenance and Business Centered Maintenance strategies.
  • Evaluate the impact of Maintenance strategies and their impact on reliability and organisation’s strategies

Assignment brief

You are required to make a 15 minutes presentation, with the aid of communication aids, followed by up to 5 minutes of questions and responses.

Reflect on the technical elements of the course, and critically review the course material.

This assignment will allow to link business strategy with maintenance strategies (go beyond the course material). Reference concepts and texts using the Harvard reference system.

Students are allocated ONE Question. The assignment must be individually completed, and students MUST NEVER work on the assignment with any students who had been allocated the same question.


As consultant, you have attended a conference on maintenance management strategy. You have not been able to assist to a presentation you wanted to listen to, and the topic was of great interest to you.

One of the conference guest, Mr Rehana Begg, has identified what he called 10 myths about Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)

You have been allocated ONE statement and tasked to critically assess the statement made.

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