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Starbucks Business Report

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MSc Management Strategic management Starbucks Business Report


Part 1 – Starbucks Business Report (3,500 words)

You are required to write a Business Report for the CEO on the performance of Starbucks using independent research and the case study (case 25) that appears on pages C-200 to C-209 of Part 5 in the Core Textbook, Autumn term 2019:

The case study can be accessed using the following link (you will need your log in details):!/4/4@0.00:0.00

Setting the scene: The CEO of Starbucks is considering their options over the next 3 years. Your Business Report should provide the CEO with clear and concise information that will guide them in their decision-making process. You should use the Starbucks case study and also provide evidence of further independent research to support your answers. Your research data must not be older than 3 years. Data prior to January 2017 will be ignored for marking purposes.

Your Business Report should be structured as follows:

  • An Introduction (500 words; 10 marks) to Starbucks and its competitive position relative to the other companies (include data from your research and the case study)
  • External Environment analysis (1,250 words; 25 marks) - A critical analysis of the Speciality Coffee Café Industry as represented by the case study and your independent research
  • Internal Environment analysis (1,250 words; 25 marks) - A critical evaluation of the sources of Starbuck’s competitive advantage (internal analysis) and how these differ from Starbucks competitors - You should draw upon information and data provided by the case study and your extensive research (Remember your research data must not be older than 3 years. Data prior to January 2017 will be ignored for marking purposes).
  • Recommendations (500 words; 10 marks) for the CEO that will improve the company’s performance over the next 3 years. Your recommendations should be commercial, realistic and justified. You should present your recommendations using SMART objectives (Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound).

Part 2 – Starbucks’ Stakeholder Report (500 words; 20 marks)

  • You should identify (list) the internal and external Stakeholders for Starbucks (Complete Appendix A; this is not included in your word count; 5 marks)
  • You should then choose One priority Starbucks’ Stakeholder Group from this list and provide a clear definition of this Group. For example, if you choose “customers” as a Stakeholder Group you should identify the type of Starbucks customer together with their characteristics, demographics, size of the stakeholder group etc. Your Priority Stakeholder Group should be a Starbucks’ Group that is currently the focus of attention (within the last 3 years) from Starbucks due to a specific reason that you must explain in your answer. You must provide evidence (appropriately referenced) in support of your answer from the case study and your independent research (335 words; 10 marks).
  • You should then critically analyse the power (influence) and interest of your chosen Stakeholder Group, using an appropriate academic framework (for example Mendelow’s matrix) and identify the appropriate communications strategy that Starbucks should adopt with this Stakeholder Group (165 words; 5 marks).

Structure of Your Submission

You should submit both reports as a single document structured as follows:

  • Business School Cover Sheet
  • Report Title Page
  • Table of Contents (sections and pages numbered)
  • Part 1 Starbucks Business Report (3,500 words)
    • Introduction to Starbucks and its competitors
    • The External Environment (Apply a PESTLE analysis, 5 Force Analysis, Industry Lifecycle model)
    • The Internal Environment - Sources of Competitive Advantage (Apply VRIO, Value Chain, Resources, Capabilities and Competencies framework)
    • Recommendations to improve Starbucks performance over the next 3 years
  • Part 2 - Stakeholder Report (500 words)
  • References
  • Appendices

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