COIT20249 Professional skills In information communication

COIT20249 Professional skills Portfolio

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COIT20249 Professional skills In the information communication

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COIT20249|Professional skills In the information communication

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COIT20249 Professional skills In the information communication Portfolio


In Week 2, you learnt how to write professional emails and the ways to improve your email communication skills. Email has long been a dominant tool for business communication, and it is certainly imperative to make the best use of emails to communicate effectively at the workplace. However, email is not without its limitations. In this assignment, you are required to evaluate the role of emails in business communication by completing the following two tasks.

Task 1

Identify and describe two advantages of email communication over scheduled meetings (either face to face or through online); then identify and describe two advantages of email communication over mobile text messages. You should write about 150 words for this task.

Task 2

Describe two different scenarios (either hypothetical, or from your own experience, or from the stories you have read or heard) in the daily work as a typical ICT professional where email is not the best channel for communication. Explain why in each scenario emails are not recommended to be used. Propose an alternative way of communication that suits each scenario and explain the advantage(s) of that communication method over emails. You should write about 350 words for this task.

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