SEB725 Engineering Entrepreneurship Assignment IP right challenge Assessment and Tutor Proposal

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IP right challenge

Assessment No: 2

SEB725|Engineering Entrepreneurship

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SEB725 Engineering Entrepreneurship Assignment IP right challenge

SEB725 Engineering Entrepreneurship


SEB725 Engineering Entrepreneurship Assignment IP right challenge

  • Identify various risk scenarios where SolarX’s new branch may lose IP in their R&D. In each scenario, identify the relevant internal bodies (from the SolarX) that are involved and give your opinion about whether it is possible to protect SolarX's current R&D advancements? If yes, then what is the most appropriate cost-effective solution (IP right) or strategy such that the R&D advancement of SolarX (new branch) are protected and are not made public? We recommend you to use tables or other means of illustration (trees, block diagrams) to present your findings, opinions, steps and strategies wherever possible. Alternatively, if you think there is no way for SolarX to protect the IP, fully explain the situation and provide explanation for that.
  • Address the possible risks associated with the collaboration of SolarX and SARSun. Explain how SolarX’s IP is best protected even after finishing its collaboration with SARsun.

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