Bi-weekly Report: SIT716 Computer Networks & Security


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Bi-weekly Report

Assessment No: 1


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SIT716: COMPUTER NETWORKS AND SECURITY Assessment 1b: Bi-weekly Report



Short answer questions to assess and reinforce learning of the concepts of Weeks 3-4 by exploring convergence of dynamic routing protocols and possible cyber-attacks on the TCP disconnection exchange.

  • The end-to-end congestion control provided by TCP is considered a critical component of the TCP/IP protocol suite, often credited as the reason why the Internet works instead of failing due to congestion.
    • Explain why congestion control is so critical to the successful operation of the Internet, including what could happen to the Internet without congestion control.
    • Explain briefly how TCP’s congestion control mechanism works for a single connection and how the combination of many TCP connections utilising this mechanism solves the problem of congestion in the Internet.
  • Describe, with the aid of an illustration, how an attacker can terminate a valid TCP connection between communicating hosts. Note that you must have your own diagram (not copied).

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