SITXHRM001 Coach Others in Job Skills Assessment and Tutor Proposal

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SITXHRM001 Coach Others in Job Skills

Assessment No: 1

SITXHRM001|Coach Others in Job Skills

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SITXHRM001 Coach Others in Job Skills

Role Plays-Coaching Session


Role Plays -Coaching Session

Part 1

Your trainer will put you into a pair where you will discuss with the other member of staff (your work college) their current confidence in different tasks they perform in their current hospitality job.

From this discussion you must identify and record:

  1. the need for coaching based on a range of factors including why you think it is necessary on the certain task you will later coach
  2. the specific coaching needs you have discussed with the colleague to be coached
  3. the set time and place that you have organised with the colleague for coaching in the set task This report and plan is to include all requirements for the coaching session with a breakdown of how the session will take place.

As part of the report you must explain the importance of Coaching on the Job and when was the last time you were coached on a new skill

Part 2

Students are then to conduct a practical coaching session on the tasks which they identified was required in part 1.

The skill must be appropriate to the Hospitality Industry with some examples of suitable tasks being;

Students are responsible for all preparation, resources, equipment and cleaning up after that the coaching session may require with any specific requirements communicated to the trainer before the day of the coaching. As part of the coaching session the student must;

This will be handed in to the trainer at the completion of the coaching. This should include pictures and/or diagrams where appropriate.

  1. Folding a napkin
  2. Filling out a kitchen order docket - Completing a form for a function
  3. Opening and pouring a bottle of wine
  4. Carrying 3 plates
  5. Clearing a table
  6. Preparing a tomato rose
  7. Turning a potato
  8. Zesting a cucumber Students may choose one of the examples above or they may choose their own task as long as it is approved by the trainer prior to the session
    1. Explain to the colleague the overall purpose of the coaching
    2. Explain and demonstrate the specific skills to be coached e.g. - customer service skills - technical or practical skills, such as operating equipment, making something or completing documentation - selling or promoting products and services
    3. Communicate clearly any underpinning knowledge required e.g. - ingredients or components of items - knowledge of products or services - principles underpinning skills such as communication and selling - reasons for undertaking various tasks - legislative, OHS and hygiene requirements ∙ Check the colleague's understanding
    4. Provide the colleague the opportunity to practise the skill
    5. Provide the colleague the opportunity to ask questions
    6. Provide feedback in a constructive and supportive manner
    7. Give brief verbal summary to the Trainer on how well they felt the session went any possible areas for improvement
    8. Provide a clear and detailed task breakdown with at least 8 stages of the task covered using the template provided t be presented to your trainer prior role play.

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SITXHRM001 Coach Others in Job Skills Role Plays -Coaching Session